2009-01-08 / Letters

Late Doctor Deservedly Well Loved

Editor's Note: The following

letter was written in response to

a front-page article, "Ceremony

Held To Honor Late Dr. McLucas,"

that appeared in the Jan. 1,

2009, edition of the "News."

To The Editor:

When I was very young, perhaps 8, my Dad took me to see Dr. McLucas. The examination completed, Dad ask Doc what he owed him. Three dollars was the reply. Dad handed him the money and Doc fished for his wallet. There was a problem with the wallet; it was so full that no additional deposits could be made. Doc looked at the wallet, looked at the money, put the wallet away and handed Dad a dollar, me a dollar and put his in his front pocket.

Dr. McLucas was deservedly a well-loved man. Charles Gobin Winchester, Va.

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