2009-01-08 / Letters

Consumer Safety Improvement Act Could Be Troublesome In Hard Economic Times

To The Editor:

I am a part of an online group and we often research things. We have dug up this law that was passed in August 2008 called HR4040 or Consumer Safety Improvement Act. This act basically says that all products made before Feb.10, 2009, cannot be sold. It is unclear whether this goes for just manufacturers or for secondhand stores as well as your everyday garage sales and yard sales and handmade items.

In order for items to pass new lead guidelines, they have to be tested and have a certificate stating that the item passes the new guidelines.

If this indeed does go for everyone, there are lot of people in trouble, especially in these troubled economic times. Please, I am asking everyone to look into this since it will affect our county hard. If anyone has any information pertaining to this, please respond to this letter. Dawn R. Birgensmith McConnellsburg

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