2009-01-08 / Letters

FCMC, Community Have Big Hearts

To The Editor:

We had the good fortune to be near the grand, new Fulton County Medical Center when a medical emergency happened early on Sunday morning, December 21, 2008. What with the quick and capable ambulance crew and the wonderful emergency room staff and doctor, and then the kind and knowledgeable acute-care nurses, doctors and staff, we came through what might have been a real tragedy.

After a hard and fast tumble down a steep stairway in our mountain house - "it was a dark and stormy night!" - my husband was in very serious condition. All he remembers about those first moments was feeling the snow falling on his face as the ambulance crew carefully carried him to their vehicle. When we reached FCMC, the emergency room doctor quickly saw to it that delicate testing and critical observation were done. When we returned home to Washington, D.C., our family doctor praised the thorough care that was exhaustively noted in the records we turned over to him. This all took place over the Christmas holiday - not exactly the holiday we had planned - but we were touched by the kindness of the people of McConnellsburg, especially the visits and help and food offered by dear friends and, of course, by the professionalism and quality of care we received during that long week at FCMC - there were even carolers who came down the hall and sang to us!

So, we want to thank you, Mc- Connellsburg and Fulton County Medical Center, for caring for and about us and for letting us into your big hearts. May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009. Emil & Betsy Ruderfer

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