2009-01-01 / Local & State

Philly Out To Recoup Money Owned By Gun Applicants

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Philadelphia police officials are trying to recoup money the city failed to charge gun-license applicants since a change in the state law three years ago.

In 2005, the state legislature amended the law governing licenses to carry firearms, increasing the cost of a five-year license from $19 to $25. But the city has not been collecting the $6 increase.

Now, the state wants its money and the city is going back to applicants who weren't charged the increase. If the applicants don't pay, they risk revocation of their license.

Special adviser to the police commissioner Lt. Fran Healy says the city is only trying to collect money it should have gotten.

Healy says the sum owed is less than $50,000, but if the total isn't raised through back collection, the state will demand the money from the city.

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