2009-01-01 / Letters

Fort Littleton Resident Will Sleep Well In 2009

To The Editor:

2008 was quite a year.

As I look forward to 2009 there is much to consider. What will be the complete fallout of what is going on in the world? So much to consider: our troops overseas, our county jobs, our local businesses, where will all this end? I think back to the words of Winston Churchhill, who said, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself." I believe in my heart, in the resilience of the greatest country on Earth and the fact we will prevail.

But as a resident of Fort Littleton I can sleep extra well at night. In Fort Littleton we have the edge. I can tell you firsthand, there is nothing like the reassurance that the community's EDUs are being properly cared for, spare no expense.

No need to consider the loss of income, the reduction of net worth, a shrinking job market and tumbling property values. No, sir, not in Fort Littleton. We have a multi-million-dollar facility to process the materials collected in our sacred EDUs. The heck with the fact that the $115 a month I owe won't go to buy my family groceries, health insurance or maintain heat in the house, or even the house itself; that money is going to make sure our EDUs are state-of-the-art. Man, are we lucky.

To our foresighted elected officials who made it all happen (who are not on the sewer), thanks; I can sleep well at night knowing you're on my team, representing the best interests of my family and our community, helping us through this difficult time. Brilliant. Damon Schoen Fort Littleton

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