2009-01-01 / Entertainment

Jury List

The following names were drawn by the president judge and Fulton County jury commissioners for the January session of combined court to be held in the said county on the 26th day of January 2009, at 10:00 a.m., in the forenoon of that day: Doris Agesen, McConnellsburg Paul Akers, McConnellsburg Mona Anderson, Needmore Michael Bard, Needmore Joann Bernal, Warfordsburg Miriam Biddle, Crystal Spring Sheila Bivens, McConnellsburg Letitia Black, Big Cove Tannery Robert Bollinger, Needmore Jeffrey Bradshaw, Warfordsburg Sharleen Brady, Big Cove Tannery Charlene Briggs, Harrisonville Amanda Broadwater, Waterfall Ruth Byers, Hustontown Joyce Carbaugh, McConnellsburg Susan Clippinger, McConnellsburg Delores Clugston, McConnellsburg Jennifer Clugston, McConnellsburg Amy Conner, McConnellsburg Susan Coughlin, Waterfall Estalene Crouse, Needmore Elizabeth Crowder, McConnellsburg Kari Davis, McConnellsburg Russell Decker, Harrisonville John Diehl, Warfordsburg Diana Douglas, Big Cove Tannery William Dovey, McConnellsburg Edward Doyle, McConnellsburg Walter Dyer, Mercersburg Tammy Eader, Big Cove Tannery April Exline, Needmore Delmar Fagley, Harrisonville Dannis Fandl, Warfordsburg Frances Farley, Needmore Howard Fox Sr., McConnellsburg Virginia Garland, McConnellsurg Greg Garlock, Wells Tannery George Gress, Harrisonville William Gress Jr., Harrisonville Alan Hann, Harrisonville Betty Harr, McConnellsburg Michael Harrison, Harrisonville Daniel Headley, McConnellsburg Brian Helman, McConnellsburg Stacy Hill, Warfordsburg Glenn Hiller, Warfordsburg Bonnie Hoffman, McConnellsburg Richard Holmes, Fort Littleton Alton Hoopengardner, Warfordsburg Roger Horton, McConnellsburg Joan Houdersheldt, Warfordsburg Vera Jay, Artemas Eugene Keebaugh, McConnellsburg Robert Keefer, Big Cove Tannery John Kelly Jr., McConnellsburg Michael Kendall, McConnellsburg Wavy Kirk, Warfordsburg Timothy Knolla, Crystal Spring Krista Lane, McConnellsburg William Lane, Hustontown Thomas Leasure, Big Cove Tannery Barbara Leese, McConnellsburg Brian Lynch, McConnellsburg Ruth Lynch, Big Cove Tannery Gladys Mack, McConnellsburg Harold Martz Jr., Hustontown Robert Martz, Harrisonville Randy Matney, Crystal Spring Robert McDaid, Hustontown Virginia McDonald, Needmore Veronica McElhaney, Harrisonville Douglas Mellott, Warfordsburg Jeffery Mellott, Harrisonville Linda Mellott, Needmore Lyle Mellott, Needmore Rick Mellott, Warfordsburg Joseph Miller, Warfordsburg Gary Nutter, Needmore Jeremy Oakman, McConnellsburg Elizabeth Parham, Warfordsburg Panya Peck, McConnellsburg Sylvia Peck, Needmore Tina Poole, Warfordsburg Gary Ramsey, Harrisonville Ruth Ritz, Warfordsburg Gary Rowles, Fort Littleton Gladys Sands, Harrisonville Sharon Schriever, Warfordsburg Edith Seville, McConnellsburg Josephine Seville, McConnellsburg Mary Seville, McConnellsburg Betsy Shaw, Warfordsburg Edgar Shives, McConnellsburg Fredrick Shives, Big Cove Tannery Larry Shives, Warfordsburg Ruth Shore, Waterfall Grace Sipes, Needmore Hester Smith, Big Cove Tannery Virginia Smith, Warfordsburg Mark Snyder, Hustontown Dwain Souders, Warfordsburg Ellis Souders, McConnellsburg Jody Souders, Needmore Roy Spidle, McConnellsburg Michelle Stahle, Warfordsburg Oleta Stanley, Warfordsburg Douglas Steiner, McConnellsburg Timothy Stocker, Warfordsburg Daniel Swain, Needmore Richard Trail, Needmore Ronald Tugwell, Needmore Vicki Varner, McConnellsburg Darla Ward, Warfordsburg Doug Weller, Warfordsburg Freda Welsh, McConnellsburg Jessica Wigfield, Needmore Beverly Williams, Crystal Spring Jessica Williams, Needmore Edward Younker, Warfordsburg

Jurors recalled for January 2009

Debbie Bahrenburg, Warfordsburg Michael Barkdoll, McConnellsburg Kimberly Barnhart, Warfordsburg Denny Buterbaugh, McConnellsburg Lillian Fithian, McConnellsburg Christian Hann, McConnellsburg Harry Hawkins, Hustontown Brian Hixson, Warfordsburg Ronda Knable, Needmore Kay McGarvey, McConnellsburg Deborah Reed, McConnellsburg April Richards, McConnellsburg Daniel Roberts, Warfordsburg Jonatha Schetrompf, Harrisonville Carole Sechrist, Hustontown Lynn Shaffer, Crystal Spring Carol Shoemaker, Hustontown Bradley Smith, McConnellsburg Loren Stephens, Crystal Spring Keith Williams, Big Cove Tannery

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