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Recipe For Reducing Holiday Entertaining Stress

Entertaining for the holidays can be a lot of work, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice having fun while everyone else has a good time. The experts at Bed Bath & Beyond offer these tips for making your gatherings simple, easy and stress-free (well almost).

Make a Game Plan

When planning your holiday entertaining, the key to minimizing holiday-induced anxiety is to plan in advance.

Start by determining the amount of people you expect, including dinner and overnight guests.

Take inventory. Make sure you have the essentials you will need to serve your holiday meal - both basics and serving pieces.

Think off the wall. If you're hosting a buffet, set up the buffet table away from the wall to utilize both sides of the table to serve food. Maximize space on your table by using stepped serving dishes that have a small footprint such as a three tier stepped server from B. Smith's With Style Home Collection.

Time-saving tips for the holiday chef

Adding these key items into your holiday routine will save you time by facilitating planning, execution and clean-up.

Oven to table: Choose Bake N' Serve Warmers for your holiday needs. These stylish serving pieces not only look great, but they will also keep your food warm, freeing up essential space on your stove.

Create more oven space:With a Three-Tier Oven Rack, put an end to waiting for one dish to cook before baking another. It creates more usable space on one side of your oven, leaving the other side open for more bulky food like the turkey, and collapses for easy storage.

Go for easy clean-up: Sometimes the preparation and cooking is easier than the clean up. Don't be without a Non-stick Removable Oven Liner. When finished cooking, simply wipe it down or even throw it in the dishwasher.

Avoid Last Minute Panic

The more prepared you are for the holidays, the less stressful they will be. Bed Bath & Beyond's experts recommend thinking ahead and planning for the "unexpected." This way you can enjoy your own party.

Don't cry over spilled wine! Use a microfiber tablecloth which allows spills to bead up and wipe away cleanly.

If you are expecting a lot of people, have folding chairs on hand for extra seating. For a more formal, uniform look, add regular or special folding chair covers.

An inflatable Aero(R) Bed is the answer to that unanticipated sleepover guest. When the guest leaves, simply deflate and store it for the next visit. Don't forget the extra sheets and blankets!

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide or shop online at bedbathandbeyond.com to find all the products you need to simplify your holiday preparation and entertaining. Then sit back, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and share the holidays with family and friends — stress free.

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