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Homemade Ornaments A Treat For The Holidays

Add some homemade ornaments to your collection of storebought treasures. Add some homemade ornaments to your collection of storebought treasures. Once the perfect tree has been selected and placed in the home, the next task is to take out all of the ornaments collected over the years and hang them on the tree.

Part of what makes decorating the tree so memorable is the ornaments that have been collected over time — many of them handmade treasures. Looking through them is a trip down memory lane, bringing to mind the happy times these ornaments recall.

Today in a hurried society, it may seem easier to simply head to the store and purchase a box full of ornaments for the tree. But spending time creating your own can be a family event that's a fun way to spend time together. Here are a few ideas.

"Tie-Dyed" Balls

Create ornaments that have the impression of being tie-dyed. Simply buy a box of clear glass ornaments from a craft store. Pop off the metal top and squirt one or two different colors of acrylic paint into the center of the ball. Replace the top and twirl the ball around until the paint coats the inside in a marbled pattern. Place on a surface where the balls won't roll, such as an empty egg carton, and let dry.

Wire Ornaments

Purchase thin craft wire and small beads of various colors. Bend the wire into holiday shapes, such as candy canes and stars. This can be achieved by wrapping the wire around cookie cutters as templates. Thread the beads onto the wire shape until it is completely covered with beads. Use a needle-nose pliers to twist together the two open ends to seal the ornament shut.

Popsicle Stick Treasures

Craft sticks, popsicle sticks, whatever you call them, these wooden items can be glued and painted to create a number of ornaments for the tree. Fashion them into a triangular shape and paint green for a Christmas tree. Glue a handful together and paint white for a snowflake. Dust these ornaments with glitter for even more sparkle on the tree.

Craft Foam Creations

Pop into any craft store or even toy store and you will likely find packages or loose sheets of thin colored foam that can be cut and designed into everything from sun visors to doorknob signs to fun ornaments for the tree.

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