2008-12-25 / Features

Set The Mood With Holiday Music

What would the Christmas season be without old standards and new holiday hits? For some people, it isn't Christmas without carols playing while decorating the tree or familiar songs accompanying the shopping rush at area stores.

While everyone has their favorite Christmas album - perhaps one enjoyed and passed down through the generations - there's always room for more holiday hits. That's why each year often brings some new holiday album releases in time for the season. This year is no exception. Here are some artists who are expected to put their spin on Christmas tunes.

Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, Wynona, and other country stars will join together through the magic of technology to duet with the legendary Elvis Presley on "Elvis Presley Christmas Duets." Many of the songs on "Elvis' Christmas Album," released in 1957, will be revisited and retooled for this release.

Aretha Franklin will be putting her soulful spin on holiday hits as well. "This Christmas Aretha" will certainly become a must-have addition to most people's Christmas music collections.

George Strait is adding another Christmas album to his anthology. He's hand-picked 10 traditional holiday songs to be included on "Classic Christmas."

Broadway and "Pushing Daises" fans will want to grab a copy of Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas album, "A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas." Chenoweth says she grew up listening to Barbara Streisand's Christmas album and has always dreamed of recording her own.

Rocker Melissa Etheridge is set to release her Christmas album, "A New Thought For Christmas." Etheridge's take offers holiday tunes that appeal to those who celebrate in traditional or non-traditional ways. Original and classic tunes are melded on the release.

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