2008-12-25 / Correspondents' Notes

Needmore Teen Offers Advice For iPhone Generation

Today's teens have more choices to make than ever before, and it's easy for them to slip and stumble off the path and into alcohol, drugs, pornography and a future full of missed chances.

For every teen out there struggling there's a second chance waiting. All they have to do is reach out and grab it. Youth minister Alex Sadowski reaches out to these teens in his new book, "Kissing the World Goodbye!"

"Kissing the World Goodbye! "is a tell-all, no-holds-barred look at a Christian teen's struggle to take the road less traveled. The true story of Alex's teenage years, "Kissing the World Goodbye!" offers a front-row look at the dangers teens face along the path of puberty and offers practical, truthful advice to help teens and parents get through these difficult years and keep their eyes on what really matters.

"My cry for help was silent," says Alex Sadowski of his teenage years. "'Kissing the World Goodbye!' traces the steps I took through the transitions, adjustments and mistakes of my life while trying to find out who I was and where I was going."

Alex adds, " ... every teenager feels like he or she is cool and knows everything about life. Trying to determine who one is does not promote inner peace and may produce confusion and frustration. The consolation ... is that God isn't finished with us yet!"

Sadowski is the son of a military man and his God-fearing wife, and he grew up in a warm, loving Christian home in Hershey. He attended Christian school, had Christian friends and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. On the surface, he was the perfect Christian teen.

But Alex had a secret.

"Looking for answers, I found questions," says Alex. "If God loved me ... why was everything falling apart?"

Falling into a relationship and what he believed was love at a young age, Alex quickly discovered that the world was full of traps for a young man trying to find out who he was and where he fit in the grand scheme of things. Over the next couple of years Alex would struggle with temptation, sliding into a physical relationship and suffering from an addiction to pornography that would eventually push him overboard into severe depression and three unsuccessful suicide attempts.

"For some reason I did not die. God had his hand on me ... He was there the whole time," says Alex. "God was pursuing me before I pursued him."

"Kissing the World Goodbye!" is Alex's story of how he faced these obstacles and how, through his growing relationship with God and the support of his friends and family, he overcame them to become a powerful leader and an inspiration to teens and young adults everywhere.

"Wherever you are in your journey, this book will empower you to embrace the process, keep climbing the mountain and be reassured that He is building character, faith and strength in you along the way," says Brian Lake, founder of Brian Lake Min- istries in Needmore, PA, and one of the driving forces guiding Alex toward his second chance.

It's never too late for a second chance to kiss the world goodbye. For more information, visit www.kissingtheworldgoodbye.com.

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