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Drag Them Jigs

By Darick Brumbaugh

Well it's time to clean those deer rifles and charge the batteries in the boat. This is a great time to catch some really nice bass!

Winter bass fishing is slowpaced but when you catch one there are always several in that spot. Don't go out at daylight and fish, then be home at lunch time. Wait till mid-day then fish till dark.

You want to target steep banks with at least a 45 degree slope. Banks with chunk rock or rock ledges are what you are looking for. If there are trees laying in the water or standing trees at these steep banks, then you have found the ideal spot to fish. When you get two to three days of warming weather, call off sick at work and get out there!

I like to throw jig and pigs this time of year for bass. I use a 1/4 - 3/4 ounce Vertical Lures Jig X with Chunk X trailer. Now these jigs are unique in the fact that the line tie is protected. The line tie is behind the jig head and they have a trailer keeper called the Chunk X sling, which really holds it in place. This is all important when fishing jigs this time of year. Cast to the top of the slope and "drag" the jig down not hopping it.

If you think you are fishing slow enough, slow down even more.

Black and blue-brown are good jig colors. White jigs with a white or silver trailer are good. In very clear water, try a jig with a little purple hue in it but don't show your fishing buddy. Jig weights, well the lightest you can get away with and still feel the jig DRAGGING across the rocks. Trim your jig skirts down a little and cut the skirts at the top of the collar for a finesse jig look. You don't want a big, bulky jig. Shape it down for a small profile.

For your fishing line, you want the lightest pound test for the cover you are fishing. I prefer fluorocarbon line over monofilament. Heavier pound test sinks slower than lighter pound test.

When dragging your jig, you want to be a line watcher. If your line goes slack, jumps or it feels a little heavier, set the hook. I use a 7 - 7'6 Binns Bros. rod mediumheavy to heavy action. You want to make sure you get a good hook set.

So if your wondering what to do after breakfast since the deer rifle is cleaned and put away, go try these tips and don't forget to take a kid fishing with you. It could make for a good big bass picture.

Darick Brumbaugh is a resident of Fort Littleton and a bass tournament angler sponsored by Keystone Country Store, Dinos Revenge Hot Sauce, Binns Bros Custom Rods, Vertical Lures and Parasite Weights.

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