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Central Fulton Reinstates Agriculture Program

Richards, Gress to head board
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The first step was taken Tues., Dec. 2, to reinstate the agriculture program at the Central Fulton School District after a group of concerned parents, students and area residents appeared before the school board a month ago to voice their displeasure.

In following the recommendation of the Curriculum, Planning and Technology Committee, the board unanimously agreed to begin advertising for an agriculture/science teaching position beginning with the upcoming 2009-2010 school year.

In conjunction with the decision to advertise for the opening, the agriculture program through the Fulton County Area Vocational-Technical School will be reinstated next year at Mc- Connellsburg High School for three periods a day. Several periods of much-needed science classes will also be added as a result.

However, the change will also allow the FFA to continue. The possibility of losing the FFA upset both parents and students who had organized a public meeting to discuss the issue at the McConnellsburg Firehall on November 22. The group also asked area residents to show support by signing a petition and showing up at the board's monthly meeting held on December 2. No members of the general public were on hand during the meeting.

In other curriculum-related issues, a request submitted by Cindy Fraker and Shelly Mc- Mullen was approved for seven biology students to visit the Penn State Mont Alto campus on December 10. The lone cost to the district is transportation. Personnel/Finance

Under the categories of personnel and finance, the following individuals were placed on the 2008-09 extracurricular salary scale:

• Gregory Strine, choral director - $2,885,

• Larry Stepler, band director - $2,885,

• Donna Fisher, Academic Awards - $1,010,

• Shelly McMullen, Academic Awards - $1,010 and

• Carleen Grissinger, Academic Awards - $1,010.

Paul Johnston was reappointed to an additional fouryear term on the Fulton County Parks and Recreation Commission as school district representative. Johnston's current term of office was set to expire on December 31.

The administration announced the school district was awarded a total of $21,730 from the Highmark Foundation in conjunction with the organization's five-year, $100 million children's health promotion initiative. According to reports, the funding will be utilized for an array of programs and purchases such as an after-school wellness program, Wiis to get the student body up and moving and healthy eating programs.

A resolution was unanimously adopted for the 2009-10 fiscal year pertaining to the Taxpayer Relief Act also known as Act 1. The resolution states the board will not increases school taxes for the fiscal year at a rate that exceeds the index as calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Business manager Jolinda Wilson shared details regarding the completion of the Fulton County Center for Families single audit by Boyer & Ritter. The audit report, Wilson stated, received the best possible opinion without any findings. Reorganization

During the board's annual reorganization meeting, unanimous votes were cast in favor of Denny Richards and Cory Gress assuming the roles of president and vice president during 2009. Richards, it was noted, has served a total of 23 years on the board, with 15 of those in the capacity of president.

Fellow board member Linda Garber was reappointed to a three-year term of office as a district representative on the Fulton County Area Vocational-Technical School's Joint Operating Committee. Gress, Richards and Gary Shives will continue in the capacity of alternates.


The daily rate for route #033 to Chambersburg contracted by Lynn C. Reeder was increased from $180.96 to $183.28. The change was made retroactive to November 11 as a result of adding another student to the route's roster.

In addition, the daily rate for bus route #013 belonging to Gary K. and Eileen S. Decker decreased slightly from $227.40 to $226.45. Bus route #007, also contracted by the Deckers, was increased from $204.35 to $229.59. Both changes were made retroactive to November 11 due to adjusting the routes for bridge construction along Lincoln Way West.

Until the route can be properly bid, a temporary contract was inked by the district with Waterfall area resident Tammy S. Sweger, who will be transporting a student to the Tuscarora Blended Learning Charter School for an estimated three days weekly. Sweger's daily rate was set at $262.33 retroactive to November 12.

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