2008-12-18 / Local & State

Reineke Selected Recycling Coordinator

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The title of county recycling coordinator changed hands late Tuesday afternoon when the Fulton County commissioners took steps in hopes of further expanding their local program.

In meeting with Seleen Shives and Greg Reineke, commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, Daniel Swain Jr. and David Hoover II questioned the two representatives of the Fulton County Conservation District as to their interest in Reineke assuming the role of recycling coordinator. The position has been held in recent years by county clerk Richard Wible.

Open to their suggestion, Shives mentioned additional funding could be available to offset Reineke's salary if he is indeed appointed to the position. Shives added Reineke is a "natural pick" for the role.

Shives indicated an agreement would have to be penned between the county and the Conservation District to dictate what the position's duties would entail. Those duties would likely be in conjunction with goals set forth in the new Solid Waste Plan for the tri-county area of Fulton, Huntingdon and Bedford counties.

Reineke stated all three recycling sites in Fulton County have been doing well, and in particular the McConnellsburg bin is switched twice weekly due to being filled to capacity.

Commissioner Hoover pointed out recycling has gone from almost a piecemeal operation to a program that could last in the county. In looking at the everchanging global economy, Reineke followed up on Hoover's statements, noting that the county's ultimate goal should be creating our own market by taking local recyclables and turning them into other usable products.

Reineke was instructed to peruse the county's Solid Waste Plan and come back with an outline of a job description, and Shives was asked about preparing a sample contract.

The meeting was followed up by a 10-minute executive session on personnel matters with prothonotary Patty Fix. No action was taken upon reconvening.

The commissioners attended a luncheon meeting of the Fulton County Partnership at Fulton Theatre and met with Ron Froeschle and Mark Bernier of F&M Trust on December 16. Also on hand to meet with the banking representatives on the county retirement fund were Treasurer Monica Seville and Tim Stanton. The county is currently accepting proposals from firms interested in overseeing the county retirement fund that is currently monitored by F&M Trust.

Mark K. Seville of the county planning and mapping office informed the commissioners of possible grant funding available through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. The monies, if obtained, could be utilized in updating the county's hazard mitigation plan.

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