2008-12-18 / Letters

USA Today Report Absurd

To The Editor:

According to USA TODAY, we are breathing toxic air on Cherry Street. Lets re-read the text and cite the evidence to support this generalization. How did the 'federal EPA' make this determination? They developed a 'mathematical model' to 'estimate' how chemicals are released into the air. They used a 'model' based on the '2005 emissions report' and ranked the locations 'most likely' to have hazardous chemicals in the air. Are you kidding me? They never tested the air? They made a prediction using limited and inadequate variables? What happened to the scientific method? Hello? They never stopped by to see that we are a rural community surrounded by trees that - last time I checked - gave off oxygen. Did it occur to them that Letterkenny is over a mountain and that Bedford has three mountains between us? Do they really think we are breathing the air from Williamsport, Md.? So let's just blame JLG, the closest factory to the school. Let's make up a formula, predict what the results might be (a.k.a. guessing), make a bogus accusation, use data that looks good on paper, but proves nothing and then publish it in a national newspaper! Wait ... I'm choking from the absurdity ... can't breathe ... Linda Heuston McConnellsburg

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