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20 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 22, 1988 '88 Winter officially arrived this week. A light dusting of snow on Saturday night coupled with frigid temperatures made

streets slippery for a brief period but warmer temperatures later in the week made it difficult to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.

Fulton County Services for Children Agency announced Monday that more than $4,000 in donations has been collected for their Christmas project this year.

An 18-year-old McConnellsburg man faces multiple charges after his car struck and killed a McConnellsburg area man along South Second Street in McConnellsburg last Friday, December 16. Police said the accident occurred Friday in front of 332 S. Second Street. Clarence E. "Eddie" Rohm, 26, McConnellsburg, had just hooked a 1984 Plymouth Horizon owned by Margaret Thorstenson of McConnellsburg to his tow truck along the street. He got out of the truck's cab to check the tow chain and was standing at the rear of the tow truck, just to the left of the towed car when he was struck by a Plymouth Duster being driven north by Rodney Hendershot, Mc- Connellsburg.

The Flower Basket and Gift Shop, McConnellsburg, sustained over $40,000 in damage in an accidental fire last Monday night, December 19.

Missy Garland and Kevin Fowler were crowned the Yule Queen and King at the McConnellsburg High School Snowball on Saturday night.

Mrs. Thad Shimer's house was sold on Saturday at public sale to Ed Keiper for $46,500. Ed sold the house later to Paul Gordon.

J&J Bar is now open under the management of the new owner, Bob Earley.

Specials at the IGA: turkeys, 77 cents lb.; chocolate chips, 99 cents, 12-oz., pkg.; navel oranges, 10 for $1; yams, 39 cents lb.; pineapples, 99 cents each.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Angle of Mercersburg on December 15; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price of Everett on December 8; a son to Mr. and Mrs. James Maiolo of McConnellsburg on December 8.

Deaths: Clarence Rohm, McConnellsburg; Viola Huffman, McConnellsburg; Katherine Schneider, Mc- Connellsburg; William Pittman Jr., Willow Hill; John Miller, Springfield, Mo.; Arvada Sigel, Warfordsburg; Ida Wills, Hancock; Howard Finniff, Mercersburg.

30 Years Ago

From The files Of December 14, 1978 '78 No identification has yet been made of the woman who was found murdered in the woods on Tuscarora Mountain on

Thanksgiving Day, and police continue to request any information which may lead to her identification.

Several local civic groups got together Tuesday night to put up the lights in downtown McConnellsburg. It just didn't seem like Christmas in the borough without them.

The Fulton County Democratic Committee spent twice as much on the November 7 election and paid its poll workers double what their Republican counterparts got, although the investment didn't pay off. The campaign expense report filed shows the committee spent a total of $5,284.63. Almost half of that, $2,040 went to 34 party poll workers, who were paid $60 each. The Republican Committee report shows the party spent $2,338 on the campaign. Payments to poll workers was the largest single expense, but the Republicans paid only $30 a piece to their 32 workers.

A trailer home on the J. Robert Shimer mobile home lot on North Fourth Street was destroyed Sunday by a fire which was thought to have been caused by a cigarette.

The United Methodist Church in Dudley was the setting for a fall wedding ceremony on October 7 uniting in marriage Wanda S. Adolphson of Dudley and Brian D. Sweger of Waterfall. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adolphson of Dudley and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sweger of Waterfall.

Specials at the IGA: catsup, 3 for 89 cents; Bounty towels, 58 cents, jumbo roll; oranges, 12 for 99 cents; Tbone steaks, $1.99 lb.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kidwell of Great Cacapon, W.Va., on December 4; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Prioetti of McConnellsburg on December 6.

Marriage licenses: Michael Lee Fisher, Mercersburg, and Deborah Jean Seville, Mercersburg; George W. Shotts Jr., Waterfall, and Tammy Yavonn Swope, Mc- Connellsburg; Charles R. Ray, McConnellsburg, and Mildred Darlene Danfelt Crouse, McConnellsburg.

Deaths: Jere Cook, Fort Littleton; Margaret Knepper, Mount Union; Mrs. Freda Pittman, Greencastle.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 26, 1968 '68 At the December meeting of the Mc- Connellsburg Volunteer Fire Co., Fred Sheeder of McConnellsburg was elected

to serve as president during the coming year. Others elected were: Richard Crouse, vice president; George Crouse, secretary; Robert A. Hill, assistant secretary; Don McQuade, treasurer; B. Hiley Shimer, financial secretary; Rev. David R. Hoover, chaplain; Charles Glenn, assistant chaplain; and Ken Gordon, Carl Bain and Charles Glenn, directors.

Harper Cline of Fort Littleton was the winner of the Jaycees' Big Buck Bonanza with his entry of a 9-point buck, which had a spread of 19 inches and tallied 117 3/4 points as measured under a system similar to the Boone and Crockett method by game warden Carl Jarrett, judge of the contest, who measured seven prize specimens which had been entered in the contest. Mr. Cline was presented a .660 Remington rifle for his prizewinning trophy. The big buck was shot the last day of the season in the Gobblers' Knob area in Dublin Township.

Cheryl Ann Crouse of Big Cove Tannery was named to the dean's list at Shippensburg State College for the fall term.

Specials at the local IGA: pork chops, 59 cents lb.; sauerkraut, 2 one-pound, 11-oz. cans, 39 cents; instant coffee, 10-oz. jar, 99 cents; Jane Parker white bread, 5 onepound loaves, 41.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Beatty of Buck Valley celebrated their golden anniversary on Sunday, December 15, with an open house held at their home.

Men in Service: William Kies, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Kies has been promoted to SP-4. He has been serving in the armed forces in Vietnam since May 30.

Now playing at the Hancock Drive-in: Robert Mitchum in "Anzio" plus "The Big Gundown" with Lee Van Cleet.

Deaths: Mrs. Katharine Cooper Sloan, McConnellsburg; Mrs. Nellie M. Bitner, Hagerstown; Mrs. Virginia Nave, Breezewood; James R. Reel Jr., Hancock; Earl E. McFarland, Harrisonville; Blaine L.W. Mellott, Needmore.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 25, 1958 '58 Rev. David R. Hoover of McConnellsburg received a singular honor last week when he was named chaplain of the House of

Representatives in Harrisburg - the first pastor from Fulton County to receive this appointment.

Deaths: Mrs. Albert Schmelger of Grove City, Pa.

Dr. R.C. McLlucas has been elected president of the Fulton County Dairy Herd Improvement Association for 1959, with Dennis Shaffer as vice president and Harry Kint as secretary-treasurer.

A 10-year-old Warfordsburg boy, Harold Herman Truax Jr., was killed on Sunday when he darted into the path of a car driven by a Hagerstown man.

Sheriff H.W. Yaukey and State Trooper Wm. E. Eiker returned a fugitive from the local jail to Fulton County last week from Salem, Ore., more than a year after he had walked away from a local work detail. Henry G. Wrolson, 23, was being held in the county jail on a false pretense charge when he escaped.

Allen Henry of Clear Ridge, baseball player who signed a contract last fall with the Chicago Cubs, has been assigned to the Burlingtown, Iowa, club. Henry was signed by the Cubs after his pitching impressed the Nellie Fox All Stars when they played a game here recently.

Kenneth E. Reeder has been appointed county auditor to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Willard Shore.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mellott of Needmore on December 16; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Oakman of McConnellsburg on December 20; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Souders of Big Cove Tannery on December 20.

Deaths: James Roscoe Reel of Needmore; Nellie (Kuhn) Sipes of Knobsville; Charles Bernard Stinson of Burnt Cabins; Mrs. Margaret E. (Waltz) Adelsberger of Needmore.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 30, 1948 '48 Fulton countians currently in the Chambersburg Hospital include these from McConnellsburg: Jack Kelso, appendicitis

operation on Tuesday; Robert Mann, double hernia and appendicitis operation on Monday and Ruth Richards for treatment of appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. John Waltz of Needmore announce the birth of a son on December 4.

J. Scott Hunter, who was born and reared at Webster Mills and who is now 87 years of age, recently celebrated his 50th year as a resident of Billings, Mont.

Eighteen baskets of groceries were delivered by local firemen to needy families for Christmas.

Deaths: Mrs. Harry Mumma; Melvin Edward Cutchall, Jr., McConnellsburg; Chester Franklin Bishop of Buck Valley.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 29, 1938 '38 Three Robertsdale youths are lodged in the Fulton County Jail, awaiting sentence on charges of breaking and entering and

larceny, the result of an attempt to rifle the store of E.J. Hoover at New Grenada on December 15. It is charged that they broke into the store through a storeroom and took cigarettes, an electric razor, pocketbooks, gun and miscellaneous items valued at $35. Damage was set at $45. Huntingdon police officers, who took the young men into custody, believe this crime may be linked to a series of other burglaries committed in much the same manner.

A 23-year-old Fulton County man received a sixmonth to one-year jail sentence, with possibility of parole and a stiff reprimand from Judge Sheely on Wednesday when he admitted shooting a "mystery man" on Monday night. The mystery man was an elderly transient who built a fire near the youth's home and prepared to spend the night. The youth saw the fire, investigated, and, without any reason, he said, fired his 12-gauge shotgun in the direction of the fire, hitting the transient. After the shooting, the youth told his parents, who called the police, and the latter ordered the victim removed to Chambersburg Hospital. Conditions of the parole include the youth taking care of the transient's hospital expenses. What is still a "mystery," about the the "mystery man" is that he steadfastly refuses to divulge his name to the police.

Daniel Winter of McConnellsburg, Richard Layton of Warfordsburg and Claude Smith of Hancock are spending two weeks in Florida.

Deaths: James R. Rinedollar of McConnellsburg; John W. Brodbeck of Hublersburg; Roger Franklin Ward of Buck Valley; Howard A. Black of Broad Top.

Mr. and Ms. Merrill W. Nace announce the engagement of their daughter, Nancy Robinson Nace, to William Carlton Greenleaf, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Greenleaf of Bedford.

Carl William Mellott and Ethel Angeline Swope were married on December 25.

Mrs. Jennie Mellott of Needmore has been admitted to Everett Hospital for medical treatment and observation. Mrs. Harry Fisher and baby of Amaranth have been discharged from the same hospital.

George Heefner of Taylor Township was burned about the face and hands on Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to save possessions from his home which was completely destroyed by fire. Fanned by a strong wind, the flames spread to a bungalow cottage recently constructed for his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rupert, and completely destroyed this building also. Mr. Heefner was treated by Dr. H.C. McClain of Hustontown. Firemen from McConnellsburg were called in the evening and watered down the smoldering ruins when it was feared the wind might carry sparks to the barn. The firemen laid a 50-foot line of hose and watered down the ruins despite the bitter cold of the evening. Very little was saved from either building and it is said there is no insurance.

Robert L. Locke and Luella Rosenberry were married on December 17.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 27, 1928 '28 Russell Rotz, 15-year-old youth of near Chambersburg, is in critical condition at Chambersburg Hospital with a fractured

skull and severe lacerations of the face, the result of a train and wagon collision on Saturday. Rotz was driving a two-horse wagon when it was struck by a train at a grade crossing near Chambersburg. The horses were ground to bits and the wagon was reduced to kindling. The youth is a nephew of Daniel Rotz of Ayr Township and Andrew Rotz of McConnellsburg.

Death: Mrs. Jacob Black of Dublin Mills.

On December 19, Ranger Carlin cut one Norway Spruce from the state forest at Cowans Gap. This tree, planted in 1914, was sent to Harrisburg where it was used as a Christmas tree in the executive mansion.

Born: a son on December 10 to Game Warden and Mrs. Fred Fisher.

C.R. Shore of town has bought the Raker milk route.

One of the worst accidents ever to occur in Mc- Connellsburg happened on Friday morning at the intersection of Lincoln Way and Second Street when a milk truck driven by Michael S. Nesbitt of Burnt Cabins was hit by a Buick driven by a Pittsburgh man. The Buick, traveling at a fast rate of speed, ran through the red light. As the truck spun around after the crash, Mr. Nesbitt and his daughter, Rheuemm Catherine, were both hurled from the vehicle. The girl was thrown onto the pavement, her head striking the cement steps at the Pen Mar Grocery. Mr. Nesbitt landed on the highway and was unconscious when picked up. They were both taken to Chambersburg Hospital where the girl died Friday night without regaining consciousness. The Pittsburgh man was treated for minor injuries and his son, a passenger in the car, was uninjured. The truck and car were both badly damaged and milk cans flew in all directions, covering the street with milky ice. Sheriff Yonker has lodged a charge of manslaughter against the Pittsburgh man.

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