2008-12-11 / Sports

Racing Roundup

By Brad Vores

As another week passes us by and it seems to get colder and colder far too early, racing news is at a lull right now as everyone prepares for the upcoming holiday season.

So this week, we will give you a brief overview of our picks for the Best of 2008, the top-10 drivers in each major division here in the mid-state area. For those of you who are interested in seeing this list in full color and all of the details, visit my Web site at www.ijustwannarace.com. Feel free to leave me an e-mail as well about the rankings and anything you'd like to add for 2009.

In the 410 Sprint division, Fred Rahmer landed at the top of the list with his dominating season that included 18 wins and championships at Williams Grove and in the Speed Dawg points.

Todd Shaffer was second a year ago and is second again this year followed by Doug Esh, Brian Leppo, Cody Darrah, Mark Smith, Greg Hodnett, Brian Montieth, John Westbrook and Cris Eash. Drivers receiving honorable mention were Chad Layton, Alan Krimes, Mike Erdley and Alan Cole.

Pat Cannon was again the top 358/360 Sprint driver for 2008 after holding that spot in 2007 as well. Cannon won 15 features in 2008 along with a career first Selinsgrove title and a second title. He will give up this honor in 2009 as he moves full time into the 410 Sprints.

Jeff Rohrbaugh, Curt Michael, Blane Heimbach, JJ Grasso, Aaron Ott, Dave Ely, Cory Haas, Bill Dietrich and Danny Dietrich were the top 10. Honorable mentions went to Dale Hammaker, Scott Geesey, Gerard McIntyre, Jr. and Dave Calaman.

Frankie Herr continued his reign on top of the Super Sportsman standings, as he always comes out on top of the points year after year and this year won Williams Grove and the Sportsman tour titles.

Following Herr were Rich Eichelberger, Russ Mitten, Paul Miller and Bobby Hockenberry, with honorable mention going to Stan Wanner, Mike Enders, Doug Hendricks and Dylan Cisney.

We put Jeff Rine on top of the Late Model division in 2008 after a great season at Selinsgrove and Bedford speedways where Rine won the Selinsgrove title and led the area with nine total wins.

Scott Haus was second in voting over Jason Covert, Gary Stuhler, Roy Deese Jr., Jeremy Miller, Nathan Durboraw, Jim Yoder, Jeff Smith and JT Spence, with honorable mentions going to Steve Campbell, Mitch Hack, Bo Feathers and DJ Myers.

Finally, in the 358 Late Models, it was Gene Knaub at the top after a championship season at Williams Grove and Lincoln and nine feature wins.

Carl Billet, Ashley Barrett, Andy Fries and Bobby Beard were the top five, with honorable mentions going to Tim Fedder, Derek Byler, Kyle Lear and Tyler Armstrong.

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