2008-12-11 / Letters

ER Care At FCMC Not What It Should Be

To The Editor:

I am writing this to make the people of Fulton County aware of what has happened to the level of healthcare in our very own Fulton County Medical Center emergency room. This is out of love and concern for our 2-year-old grandson, little Dylan Streltz, who had a very bad and lifethreatening experience on Saturday, December 6.

Dylan was taken to Fulton County Medical Center emergency room by our daughter, running in with him in her arms and begging for someone to help him because he couldn't breathe. His mother, Krista, was told to just have a seat and someone would be with him shortly. She said that he needs help now and he can't wait. No one was showing any concern and weren't in a hurry to help this little boy who couldn't breathe. Finally, Dylan was taken into a room and a nurse did an evaluation on him.

My husband and I had been called by our daughter to come to the hospital and be with them; we were in Chambersburg at the time. I kept calling to check on Dylan. As we came into town, Krista called again and said he was being transferred to Chambersburg, but they could take him over in their car. I said "absolutely not, you get an ambulance."

When we walked into that ER and saw how little Dylan was struggling for each breath, I could not believe that there wasn't a nurse or doctor with him. We asked one of the nurses (a family friend) to get an ambulance because he was in no shape to be taken there by car and she agreed and took care of it for us. Dylan still struggled for each breath while vomiting and choking on it and still no one came to help him.

It's a sad thing to see a little boy that sick and no one doing anything to help him. When my husband spoke out about how long it was taking and we were questioning where the ambulance was, he was threatened that he would be prosecuted. When I spoke up in his defense, I was told the same. We were trying to get our grandson help before something worse happened to him. Thank God for the ambulance crew and for the doctors and staff at Chambersburg Hospital, for without them and God's help, I truly don't think he would still be with us today.

What has happened to giving your all to helping people and for compassion for an adorable 2- year-old little boy? I am also very grateful for the few wiser family doctors who we still have left in Fulton County. I have heard of three other incidents involving this same ER doctor. We just hope that no one else has to go through what Dylan did.

And by the way, he wasn't fine and his X-ray wasn't clear. He had double pneumonia and couldn't get a full breath until 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Debbie Fletcher Harrisonville

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