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Holiday Decorations Don't Need To Be Red And Green

By Bridget Nash ENID NEWS & EAGLE

ENID, Okla. (AP) - Decking the halls isn't just red and green and holly and ivy anymore.

Now you can decorate for Christmas in any color of the rainbow. Whether you prefer the traditional Santa, reindeer and snowmen decorations or you have a unique taste, there are Christmas decorations for everyone.

Even pink has become a theme color for Christmas, said Linda Anderson, co-manager of Hobby Lobby. So if red and green aren't your favorites, you can opt for pink, purple, blue, yellow, silver, gold or any other color scheme.

Anderson also said popular Christmas ornament trends this year are leaning away from the typical Christmas characters, and people are buying ornaments that reflect their character, job, hobbies and style.

"More personalized ornaments," Anderson said. "Initials, letters ... Theme ornaments are popular: jobs, hobbies and military ornaments."

Now there are ornaments for nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, ball players, motorcycle riders, fisherman, dog lovers and many more.

While the Victorian Christmas became popular once again in the past few years, the early 20th century themes are fading away and being replaced by other specific themes, Anderson said.

"Night at the opera," is one theme Anderson pointed out. Ornaments in that category revolve around jewel tones countered with black feathers and silver trim.

Linda Jackson, an interior decorator at Serendipity Home Decor, has seen another popular trend that might fit in with the "night at the opera theme."

"Top hats," Jackson said.

Serendipity quickly sold out of its inventory of black top hats, which can be used as tree toppers or as centerpieces. The decorative top hat also is versatile. It can go with the formal, fancy Christmas themes, or it can fit right in with the traditional themes as a snowman's hat.

Both Anderson and Jackson said another new trend this holiday season is natural colors.

"Woodland, natural themes," Anderson said.

"I think that a lot of people are doing things in brown and gold," Jackson said, "and bronze and brown tones."

Wooden ornaments, neutral floral decor and leaves, stems and berries are becoming popular, all with a little sparkle added.

"There is lots of glitter going on this year," Jackson said.

Jackson also said ribbon is remaining popular in holiday decorations.

Hobby Lobby employees are glad to help a customer find a certain color or theme, but when it comes to making suggestions, Anderson is hesitant because she cannot actually see the home and therefore does not feel she can make the correct suggestion.

That's where the employees at Serendipity come in. They will come to anyone's home and make suggestions, or they can do the actual decorating. Serendipity also will make holiday arrangements out of ornaments brought in or out of supplies they have.

"Anything I can do to be of help," Jackson said.

In the Christmas frenzy, don't forget your friends and family who may be in nursing homes, hospitals or constantly at their desk.

"A mini tree is ideal for them," Anderson said. "We have all the themes in our mini tree ornaments."

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