2008-12-04 / Letters

Take Part In Newly Formed Fulton County Toy Drive

To The Editor:

There is no doubt that this Christmas will be a financial struggle for many. It is very difficult for children to understand why toys and gifts may not be purchased as readily for Christmas this year as they may have been in years past. I decided that this Christmas would be the perfect time to start the Fulton County Toy Exchange. The idea behind the exchange is that many of us have good quality toys in our homes that are not being used, or maybe our children have grown out of them. Some of the unused items in my home may be exactly what your child wants for Christmas and vice versa. This scenario would probably be the same all over Fulton County. This year, more than ever, we should take advantage of this situation, and we will all benefit!

This is how the Toy Exchange will work:

The exchange event will take place on Saturday, December 13, at Green Hill Sewing Club in Harrisonville. The event will run from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Anyone can participate.

All toys will be free with giftwrapping available.

Exchanging is optional. You do not have to bring gifts to take gifts home for your children.

If you would like to donate toys or books, please e-mail toyexchange@live.com

Only toys and books will be accepted. All donations must be clean and "like new." All donations must be approved in advance to ensure safety and quality for the children.

If you would like to help, but do not have toys to donate, we would also appreciate your time, gift wrap, tape, tags, gift bags, boxes, etc. Please e-mail: toyexchange@ live.com Laura Mellott Harrisonville

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