2008-12-04 / Front Page

"News" Changes To Nar rower Page Width


Fulton County News readers will notice that this week's paper doesn't seem as wide. That's because it isn't. The "News" is following the trend in newspaper production and adopting the 25 inch wide narrow width broadsheet as its standard printing size beginning with this week's edition.

The "News" was previously printed on a 27-inch-wide web, which was known as the Standard Advertising Unit format. That size and format has been made narrower by publishers wanting to save paper and in response to readers wanting a newspaper that was easier to handle.

The trend toward a slimmed- down newspaper page continues with area newspapers also printing a 24-inch-wide page and in some cases a 23-inch page. "The 'News' will take it one step at a time by first going to the 25-inch wide broadsheet and as readers get used to the format possibly reducing the width again in 2009," said Jamie Greathead "News" publisher.

Although pages will be smaller there are no plans to reduce the type size, cut features or local news coverage.

"If necessary we will add to the number of pages printed to make sure all copy runs. The main reason for the slimmeddown version is to keep in step with the standards of the newspaper industry. There are no plans to cut any content," Greathead said.

"So let us know what you think. It may take a little time to become use to the narrower width, but I hope in a short time it will seem normal and easier to handle and read," Greathead said.

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