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Keystone Offers Free HIV Testing

According to the Health and Human Services Administration, in 2007 the estimated number of persons living with HIV worldwide was 33.2 million and there were 2.7 million people newly infected with the virus.

In 1988 the World Health Organization established December 1 as World AIDS Day. Every year, organizations and individuals around the world use December 1 as an opportunity to raise awareness about the global AIDS epidemic.

Keystone Healthcare Network in Chambersburg, a public not-forprofit organization that offers high quality healthcare to anyone and everyone, leads the fight against HIV/AIDS in Franklin County and surrounding areas by being in the forefront of HIV prevention efforts as well as HIV/AIDS treatment in our community. Keystone provides comprehensive related services for families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Every year on World AIDS Day Keystone refocuses and rededicates its message of hope, fighting not only the disease, but also the stigma and discrimination of this epidemic in the community.

To help stop the spread of HIV, Keystone encourages everyone to know their HIV status. Throughout the year Keystone offers free and confidential HIV testing that requires no blood draw.

Free, confidential HIV testing is available at Keystone Health, 820 Fifth Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17201; 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Monday - Friday

For more information on HIV testing, call Vanessa at 717-217-4242.

For more information regarding Keystone, please visit the Web site at www.keystonehealth.org.

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