2008-11-27 / Letters

Proud To Be A Boorman Road Resident

To The Editor:

Some time has passed since the last article was written about Boorman Road in The Fulton County News. Upon much thought about the article I feel compelled to respond.

We, the residents, feel the message being conveyed by the way The Fulton County News wrote the story about Boorman Road has and will lead the reader in the wrong direction and influence his or her opinion as to the value of Boorman Road to Brush Creek Township and Fulton County.

I being of the so-called "Weekend Warrior" residents feel I am in a very good position to inform the very uninformed of the true value of Boorman Road.

Fact #1: All of the people who reside on Boorman Road and the ones who have chosen to invest in real estate along and around Boorman Road generate a great deal of tax revenue for the township and county.

Fact #2: All of the residents on Boorman Road and so called "Weekend Warriors" have full-time jobs and go to work daily. Some residents own their own business, which employs quite a few people, in turn generates quite a few tax dollars for the commonwealth of PA, Fulton County and Brush Creek Township.

In our opinion, there probably is not another one-mile stretch of road in Fulton County that generates more tax revenue than Boorman Road. We are sure the facts and figures for this statement can be documented and verified.

It is the goal of the people who depend on Boorman Road to stimulate a little more interest and enthusiasm with the township and county in regard to the care and maintenance of Boorman Road. In the past, the routine maintenance on Boorman Road has been performed by the residents and again the so-called "Weekend Warrior." We have paid our property taxes, road taxes, school taxes and every other tax handed to us year after year and still we continue to do the maintenance on Boorman Road with no whining or complaining.

We are certainly not asking for anything that is not already the duty and responsibility of Brush Creek Township and Fulton County to the taxpayers in as much as they already own the road. Brush Creek township does have a 65-foot rightof way on Boorman Road that it took from the residents for future development. Some of our deeds state this fact.

And one last thought. All of my life I have worked five or six days a week, which only leaves the weekend to work around the house. I was taught this is what a true red-blooded American does for their family and themself. I guess I have been doing it all wrong. If this is what makes me a "Weekend Warrior," I am truly very proud of it. Charles R. Mielke Boorman Road Resident

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