2008-11-27 / Letters

Food Basket Operating As Usual

To The Editor:

The Fulton County Food Basket Inc. would like the community to know that it is operating under its usual conditions. This month Food Basket has given out 148 food orders and 156 TEFAP food orders. The Food Basket has been able to distribute holiday food items that have been acquired through many sources and will continue to distribute them through the holiday season.

Through generous donations from local community organizations, churches, schools, private individuals, businesses and Giant's "Bag For Hunger" Program, the Food Basket is prepared to aid those families who find themselves in need of food. The Food Basket has seen a 20 percent increase this year from those who are in need of food to feed their families.

The Fulton County Food Basket Inc. would like everyone to know that last year it distributed 1,668 food orders to 1,231 families in need in Fulton County. Along with the generous support from the above agencies, the Food Basket remains the lead agency for the State Food Purchase Program, TEFAP Program, and the "TRACKS" Penn State Nutrition Education Program.

The Food Basket is conducting its annual fundraising appeal. Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so by contacting the Food Basket at 717-485-5688 or by mailing your contribution to the address below. For more information or for those interested in volunteering time, contact the Food Basket at P.O. Box 512, McConnellsburg, PA 17233.

We hope this clears up any misunderstandings concerning the operations of the Fulton County Food Basket Inc.

Thank you for helping us feed those hungry in our community. Sincerely, Susan Cubbage, Food Baskest Manager

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