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20 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 1, 1988 '88 Buck hunters in Fulton County took an estimated 450 deer on the first day of buck season on Monday.

According to his baseball card, Jeff Garber is a member of the Eugene 88 Emeralds, an infielder who bats and throws right-handed and his place of residence is McConnellsburg. Garber was drafted by the Royals in the 10th round of the June 1988 amateur draft and he signed with the team on June 1, 1988. He was assigned to Short A ball in Eugene, Ore., and arrived there in June. Garber has been signed for next year and he has moved up. He will be playing Long A ball instead of Short A ball. He is the son of Loy and Linda Garber of Mc- Connellsburg.

"Wrathchild," the well-known rock band led by Brad Divens, played to a full house at Club 75 in Mercersburg on Friday night and a good number of his fans from this side of the mountain were there for his performance. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Divens of Breezy Point Road.

Mr. and Mrs. Vearl Fletcher of Warfordsburg announce the engagement of their daughter, Rita Fletcher, to Darrin Butt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Butt of Smithsburg, Md.

Specials at the IGA: ground beef, $1.49 lb.; Baker's chocolate chips, $1.09 pkg.; meat franks, 69 cents; navel oranges, $1.79, 5-lb. bag.

A son to Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Mills Jr. of Hancock on November 14; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Foreman of Greencastle on November 16; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Margson of McConnellsburg on November 17; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Finafrock of Burnt Cabins on November 18; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Emery of Orbisonia on November 20; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Price of Big Cove Tannery on November 20; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder II of McConnellsburg on November 21.

Deaths: Clarence Pfoutz, Chambersburg; George Fisher, Chambersburg; Walter Curfman, Todd; Zennie Mellott Barrick, Mount Joy; John McIlroy Jr., McConnellsburg; Grace Garland, Myersville, Md.; Edna Clingerman, Berkeley Springs; Ted Branche, McConnellsburg; Junior Snyder, Hancock; N. Geneva Stevens, Pensacola, Fa.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sharpe of McConnellsburg announce the engagement of their daughter, Barbara Sharpe to James Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Peterson of Greencastle.

Howard Henry of Clear Ridge celebrated his 80th birthday recently.

Marriage licenses: Jeffrey Fowler, Franklin, Pa., and Jamie Sickles, McConnellsburg.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 22, 1978 '78 Jim Fahey, president of the Creasey Co., wholesale grocery suppliers of Hagerstown, said this week that his company hopes to open up a new

supermarket in the store formerly occupied by Mecca Market in Penn's Village Shopping Center. Mecca Market, operated by Hassan Wazni, went out of business in August.

JLG Industries Inc., McConnellsburg, reported that net income for the fiscal 1978 first quarter ended October 31 was $785,004 or 55 cents a common share, compared to $664,069, or 51 cents a common share earned in the fiscal 1978 first quarter.

The birth rate for Fulton County during 1977 was 16.6 per thousand population, up from 16.2 from 1976, according to the state Department of Health. There were 192 live births recorded in 1977, compared to 195 in 1976, and infant deaths fell from five in 1976 to two in 1977.

Donna Deshong, daughter of former Fulton County residents Boyd W. DeShong and Mary Garman DeShong, has cut a record on the Chariot Label distributed by Caprice Record Co. She and her family reside at Bowie, Md.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rhodes were honored on their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Tom and Janet Souders.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fraker of Fort Littleton are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Karen, to Steve Grissinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grissinger of Maddensville.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman L. Bernhard, Needmore, were pleasantly pleased at a 65th wedding anniversary party held in their honor at the Cedar Grove United Church of Christ on August 12.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Seiders of McConnellsburg on November 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Calhoun of Breezewood on November 6; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ritz of Warfordsburg on November 7; a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Martz of Harrisonville on November 8; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jennings of Harrisonville on November 14; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dale Petrunio of St. Thomas on November 15; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Erie McMullen of Three Springs on November 16.

Specials at the IGA: turkeys, 69 cent lb.; cranberry sauce, 2 for 79 cents; boneless ham, $1.79 lb.; cauliflower, 99 cents a head.

Deaths: Victor J. Bair, Chambersburg; Bernard McLucas, Lemasters; Louise McCarty, Hancock; Nina Douglas, Hancock; Lou Fleming, Hustontown; Melvin Grove, Warfordsburg; Nebraska Deshong, Warfordsburg; Howard Dishong, Everett.

40 Years Ago

From The Files of December 5, 1968 '68 A fund has been started by friends and sympathetic neighbors of the Raymond Melius family of Fort Littleton to help meet the overwhelming

expense of hospital bills with which the family has been faced over the past year. Mr. Melius' wife, the former Jean Hess of Saxton, has been a cancer patient for over a year. Following the removal of a kidney last November, Mrs. Melius has required hospitalization many times and just this past Sunday night, was admitted to the Medical Center for further treatment. In addition, during recent months, Mr. Melius and one of the couple's children underwent surgery, which required hospitalization. Mr. and Mrs. Melius are the parents of five children, aged 14, 13, 9 and 4 years and one 16-monthold.

Pictured in this week's issue is the Larkin Bolinger home at Wells Tannery, which was moved intact last week to make way for a new road being built in that area. Faced with the ultimatum of abandoning the home, which Mr. Bolinger built, the family engaged a firm from Mechanicsburg to move the house from its former location to a new foundation, which was erected some 25 yards from the road's right-of-way. While the actual moving was taking place, Mrs. Bolinger, her sisters, Mrs. Edith Beegle of Altoona and Mrs. Maud Earley of Wells Tannery, and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Linda Bolinger of Waterfall, remained inside the house. The move was made without incident.

Work on the installation of the state-mandated overhead traffic signals in the borough has been under way during the past week and should be completed within the next few days.

Birth at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Junior Wagner of Harrisonville on November 21; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Heinbaugh, Mercersburg, on November 21; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Houck, Waterfall, on November 19.

Men in service: Airman Richard L. Hershey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace A. Hershey of McConnellsburg, has received his first U.S. Air Force duty assignment after completing basic training at the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Airman Larry E. Akers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edison Akers of Needmore, has been graduated form a U.S. Air Force Technical School at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. He was trained as an aircraft mechanic and has been assigned to Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.

Deaths: Clyde A. Bishop, Spring Run; Delphine Mary Northcraft Clingerman, Hagerstown; Walter R. Gordon, Mercersburg; Emma Hendershot Spade, Buck Valley; M. Filmore Fore, McConnellsburg; Harry Wilson Comerer, Pittsburgh; Russell E. Shiffer, Three Springs; Mrs. Mary V. Reese, Hagerstown; Jo Ann Dean, Mercersburg; Alice Hays Spangler, Mc- Connellsburg.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 4, 1958 '58 Arch Keyser is a patient in Fulton County Medical Center, suffering from a heart attack, which occurred on Friday evening.

Russell Akers left McConnellsburg on Monday to spend the winter in Florida.

Dr. Jean Johnston of London, England, arrived here last week to spend a vacation with her brother and family and her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnston and Miss Beulah Johnston.

Because of the strike, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Crouse of Long Island are spending some time with relatives here. Mr. Crouse, a pilot for Eastern Airlines, is doing some deer hunting while the planes are grounded because of the strike.

Lawrence Snyder and Russell Deshong are back home and greatly improved in health after having been surgical patients in Hagerstown Hospital.

Ex-Police Chief Mont W. McCormick is a patient in the Medical Center, suffering from a compound fracture of the back. He was admitted on Monday, but no details are given as to what caused his injury.

Frank Shaffer of Everett, who is employed on the turnpike at the Bedford Esso Station, narrowly missed having his legs crushed on Saturday when pinned between two cars. Station manager Mark Clevenger of town had finished servicing a car when he stepped across an "island" to a line of cars on the other side. As he stepped up to the back of the car next in line, the car behind suddenly shot forward. Clevenger leaped into the air and threw himself on the fender of the out-of-control car, at the same time shouting to Shaffer to jump. Unable to get aside, Shaffer jumped straight up but could not clear the bumpers of the two cars and was pinned above the ankles. Bumperettes on the bumpers of the two cars kept them from crushing his legs. The accident happened when a women driver's foot slipped off the brake and struck the accelerator. Shaffer is a brother of Capt. Robert Shaffer, who was killed in a jet crash last week.

At the annual leadership conference of the 13 FFA chapters in Blair, Bedford and Fulton counties last week, all officers for next year were elected from Fulton County. They are: president, Donald Bard of Warfordsburg; vice president, Clyde Brant of Forbes Road; secretary, Kenneth Strait of Green Hill; treasurer, Leon Ritz of Warfordsburg; reporter, Ralph Helman of Forbes Road; sentinel, Bob Weaver of Mc- Connellsburg; chaplain, Harry Landers of Warfordsburg; delegates, Rex Wright of Forbes Road and James Snyder of Mc- Connellsburg and alternate delegates, Ernest Mellott and Raymond Mellott, both of Green Hill.

A tractor-trailer skidded on a snow-covered rural road near Markes in Franklin County on Friday afternoon and crashed into an oncoming car, injuring the driver of the car and a passenger in the truck. Taken to Chambersburg Hospital by ambulance were Russell Ray Reeder, 30, of Mc- Connellsburg, the driver of the car, and Joseph M. Ryder, 67, of Chambersburg, the passenger in the truck. Reeder suffered a fractured left knee, while Ryder suffered fractures of five ribs and the right collarbone.

Calvin Beatty has been elected president of the township offices of Fulton County, with Harvey Gregory as vice president and J. Pierce Gordon as secretary-treasurer.

Homer Black of McConnellsburg was the only Fulton County hunter, as far as can be learned, who bagged a bear this year. Black bagged the 150-pound black bear in Clinton County on November 24. Other members of his hunting party were Willis Mellott, George Sprowl, Donald Richards and Dan Wilt.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Spade of Rochester, Pa., celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 14.

Two local 14-year-old boys were successful deer hunters the first day. Danny Grissinger shot a 4-point buck and Dick Pyles downed a spike buck.

Fulton County recorded its first death of the deer hunting season on Monday when William George Shafer, 70-year-old blacksmith of New Grenada, died of a heart attack, 45 minutes after the opening of the season.

A tree farm sign and certificate of membership in the American Tree Farm System, in recognition of good forest management, were recently awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Henry and Mrs. George E. Tritle of Harrisonville. They won the award for managing their 37 acres of woodland near Gracey for the continuous production of wood harvests while protecting the trees from fire, insects and destructive grazing in accordance with tree farm standards.

Marine Cpl. Jim Chesnut, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Chesnut and husband of the former Gayle I. Helman, also of Mc- Connellsburg, graduated on November 7 from the Non-Commissioned Officers' Leadership School at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Lee Funk of Needmore dropped in at the News office last week before going to Hancock for the winter. He has a good garage at home and will lock up his car for the winter. When he mentioned his car, he began reminiscing about his automobile driving life. He knows he is the oldest car owner and driver in the county and believes that the statement might cover the whole state. Lee is 82 years of age and bought his first car in 1903 - three years before auto tags were required. He has owned and driven a car ever since except for a two-year period following an accident - the other fellow ran into him. His first car was a 1903 roadster, a Northern Runabout, built by the Detroit Motor Co. There was no gasoline sold in the county at the time and he ordered it by the barrel from Detroit at a cost of one cent a gallon. Not long after that J.K. Johnston began stocking gasoline by the barrel in front of his store in McConnellsburg, dispensing it with a hand pump and a gallon measure. Despite his age, Mr. Funk continues to teach music and tune pianos. He drives about 10,000 miles a year and his present car has logged 117,000 miles. What became of the old Northern Runabout? It burned up a few years after Lee sold it and bought a 4-cylinder Ford. The buyer of the Runabout was going away for a while and he placed it in a shed. Small as it was, it wouldn't fit, so the owner dismantled it and stored it in pieces. During his absence, the shed burned. There were at least two pictures in existence showing Lee in the tillersteered Runabout. R.A. Hamil of McConnellsburg has one and Mr. Funk the other.

Deaths: Jacob Calvin Heweitt of Cumberland, Md.: Mrs. T.R. Hixson of Huntingdon; William H. Knepper of Three Springs.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 9,1 948 '48 Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Stenger of McConnellsburg on December 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kesselring of Hustontown on

December 5; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Henson of Greencastle on December 2.

A large black bear was killed in Allen's Valley on Tuesday of this week by D.A. Washabaugh of town. Washabaugh, on his way to his sawmill, had parked his car, taken his shotgun and started to walk, hoping to see a deer. Shortly thereafter the bear jumped down a bank and started down a path toward the man. Washabaugh, noticing blood on the snow, realized that the bear had been wounded and feared that it was about to attack him.When it was within about 15 feet, he shot it with his gun, using a lead ball. Since the season is over for bruins, however, the bear was confiscated by a game warden.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 1, 1938 '38 Deaths: Harry Clouser of Burnt Cabins; Donald Caire Shimer of Greencastle; John Henry Williams; Ephriam Franklin Wilkins of Everett.

Howard B. Knepper of Johnstown, a Fulton County native, was severely injured in a car accident last Friday near Johnstown in which one woman was killed. Knepper, a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Knepper of Taylor Township, suffered a compound fracture of the right leg above the knee, a severe puncture wound of the right hip, injuries to the back, head and chest and lacerations of the body.

Rev. James Wren Garthoff, pastor at Burnt Cabins and Edith Marie Detwiler were married on November 24.

Born: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fisher of Amaranth.

John Mumma of Laidig was called to Curwensville last Thursday because of the illness and death of his brother, James Mumma.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Adelsberger of Needmore are the proud parents of a baby daughter.

Thomas Reese of Big Cove Tannery was injured Friday night when he was struck by a sliding car near Everett. He was standing beside his car while a filling station attendant was putting gas in it. A New Jersey car went out of control on the slippery road, struck Reese and dragged him about 25 feet. At the Everett Hospital, he was found to be suffering from lacerations of the head and hand and from shock.

The first serious hunting accident in Fulton County was reported on Monday afternoon. Vergo Gray, 16, of Warfordsburg, had shot his deer and was bending over to clean it when he was struck by a stray bullet. The bullet went through the flesh of his left leg and hit his right knee, here it lodged, causing a compound fracture. The boy's leg was later amputated at Everett Hospital. A number of hunters were in the vicinity at the time and state police are trying to determine who fired the shot. The boy's father repots that, during the confusion, someone, possibly the one who fired the shot, made off with the deer.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 6, 1928 '28 Jacob Montgomery of Shade Gap was 100 years old on November 22. He served an enlistment during the Civil War and is probably the oldest living Civil War veteran in central Pennsylvania.

Deaths: Mrs. Henry Rowe of Wells Valley; James E. Mellott of Bethel Township.

Leslie P. Stiffler and Winnie L. Zimmers were married on November 8.

Murdock Bros. Show played in Buck Valley last week. As a feature of the show, Geraldine Stahley was elected the prettiest baby and Maxine Gienger was named the most popular lady, by popular vote.

Quite a crowd stormed the home of Charles Sigel in Buck Valley on Saturday evening to pay a tribute to the newlyweds, Wayne Sigel and Virginia Cook, who were married recently in Hagerstown.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bottenfield of Brush Creek on Thanksgiving Day.

Death: Jacob Everts of Plum Run. Kenneth Shaw, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shaw of McConnellsburg, has been elected manager of the 1929 football team at Mercersburg Academy.

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