2008-11-20 / Police Reports

Teens Make Up Stolen Vehicle Story

Two 19-year-old McConnellsburg boys were charged by state police with making false reports to law enforcement authorities, conspiracy and numerous traffic violations in connection with a story about a stolen vehicle that was later found abandoned and crashed in a Todd Township yard.

According to state police, Shane William Meck allowed James Benjamin Chesnut to borrow his red Ford Focus. The car was found wrecked and abandoned on a nearby lawn on July 13 at 8:38 p.m. Chesnut reportedly left the scene without notifying the property owner or police. Chesnut, police added, did tell Meck about the accident but asked him to tell police that the car had been stolen so he did not get into trouble for leaving the scene of an accident.

Meck, in turn, informed police his car had been stolen. He found out about the wreck when a friend drove by and saw the vehicle in the yard. It was later determined by state police, the two teens conspired to make a false report about the stolen vehicle.

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