2008-11-20 / Local & State

FCCCS Announces Honor Roll

Fulton County Community Christian School is pleased to announce the honor roll for the first marking period of the 2008-2009 school year. Students are required to maintain a 92 percent or higher in all subjects to be placed on the high honor roll. Students must maintain an 84 percent to 91 percent in all subjects to be placed on the honor roll.

High Honors (All A's)

First: Clayton Avella, Garrett Bunch, Brooke Clopper, Lexi Sellers.

Second: Kaylee Schlaefli, Oliva Villeneuve.

Third: Levi Reece

Tenth: Vicky Tomlinson

Twelfth: Heather Hilbert, Tim Witte

Honor Roll (A's & B's)

First: Austin Mellott, Dylan Palmer, Adryan Shives, Madison Unger. Second: Evie Stephens

Third: Adin Brady,

Fourth: Evan Dean, Heath Hilbert

Fifth: Nathan Leedy, Genny Stephens

Sixth: Hannah Beddow, Kyle Kerns

Seventh: Caleb Gingerich, Bethany Myers, Daniel Tomlinson

Eighth: Skyler Gordon, Josie Spade

Ninth: Nicky Winfield

Tenth: Andrea Leedy Eleventh: Seth Gordon, Samantha Tomlinson

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