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Presidential Election Comes To A Close

Fulton County Board of Elections wraps up duties last Thursday
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

With deadlines extended for military personnel and individuals out of the country needing to submit federal write-in ballots and provisional ballots issued Election Day requiring a final tally, the Fulton County Board of Elections was finally able to close out the historic November 4 presidential election last week with the issuance of a final vote count.

In speaking with the "News," County Chief Clerk Richard Wible elaborated on Friday, November 7, the Board of Elections comprised of commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, Daniel Swain Jr. and David Hoover II counted a total of 17 ballots that trickled into the commissioners office the day before the election and on November 4. Votes cast in the race for the presidency were tallied during that specific count.

In addition, 27 provisional ballots were issued at polling places across the county on Election Day. Of those ballots, Wible noted, eight were taken into consideration and counted. Furthermore, military and outof country ballots known as federal write-in ballots totalling 21 were tabulated late last week as well.

The newest additions to the ballot box did little to change the overall results in Fulton County, however. Sen. John McCain (R) received an additional 30 votes bringing the final count to 4,642, while Presidentelect Barack Obama (D) garnered an extra 14 votes. Obama's count stopped at 1,576 votes, while the votes cast for Independent Ralph Nader and Libertarian Bob Barr remained unchanged at 57 and 31 votes, respectively.

Obama's inauguration as the 44th president of the United States is set for Tuesday, January 20.

Other state and regional races were tabulated in county as follows:
Attorney General
Tom Corbett (R) - 4,459
John M. Morganelli (D) - 1,461
Marakay J. Rogers (L) - 160
Auditor General
Chet Beiler (R) - 3,636
Jack Wagner (D) - 2,038
Betsy Summers (L) - 311
State Treasurer
Tom Ellis (R) - 4,119
Robert McCord (D) - 1,705
Berlie Etzel (L) - 159
Ballot Question
No - 2,636
Yes - 2,238
9th Congressional District
Bill Shuster (R) - 4,037
Tony Barr (D) - 2,173
78th General Assembly
District Representative
Dick L. Hess - 6,008

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