2008-11-20 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Wes Howells, November 21; Dianne Stenger, November 22; Dick Decker, Norm Crum and Ed Gracey, November 24; Charles Reeder, November 25; Martina

McGarvey, November 22; Clair Traxler, November 29; Esther Miller and Cara Bishop, November 26; Linda Covert, November 29; Alma Anderson, December 1; Kirby Knepper, November 17; Craig Strait, November 16; and Justin Strait, November 17.

Greg and Tina Gress celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary on November 15 and Jim and Sandy Novak, marked their 11th anniversary also on November 15.

Visiting with Kay McBeath a day last week and enjoying lunch were her friends Patty and Ann of the School of Health and Rehabilitation in the University of Pittsburgh.

Dave McElhaney and Lana Bard vacationed for a week at Treasure Kay, an island in the Bahamas.

Goldie Kerlin remains a patient in Fulton County Medical Center from a recent fall, that broker her ankle.

Kirby Knepper of the Washington, D.C., area spent last week visiting with his parents, Parker and Pat Knepper, and other relatives.

The following were named Public Opinion boys soccer all stars from Fulton County: honorable mention to McConnellsburg Ethan Cunningham, Matt Kendall, Jarrod Appleby and Logan Wagner and Forbes Road players Tanner Henry and Trent Black.

"Robin Hood - The Musical" presented by McConnellsburg Elementary School over the weekend was well attended at all three performances. The students did an excellent job with their roles. The musical was directed by Hope Moore, along with her crew members.

McConnellsburg Methodist Church congregation enjoyed listening to the music by the "Ambassadors" from the Broadfording Christian Academy of Hagerstown on Sunday.

Quotable quotes: "Just when the caterpillar thought the world had ended, it became a butterfly."

It happened this week: In 1880, four years after it was invented, a telephone was installed in the White House, by Alexander Graham Bell himself.

Country shortcuts: Only have enough frosting for the outside of a cake? Fill the layers with jam or marmalade.

Did you know? The Eastern Shore produced so much flour for the Continental Army that it was known as the "breadbasket" of the Revolution.

Mildred Mellott of Burnt Cabins sent a note to the News this week about a story involving two local servicemen fighting in World War II that she thought readers might find interesting. According to Mildred, Warren "Mike" Peterson was in a bunker in New Guinea when a soldier jumped in with him. Turned out that soldier was Ben Naugle. Both men were from Burnt Cabins. Mildred writes "what a happy get-together that was!"

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