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Hills Celebrate 50th Anniversary

The Hills on their wedding day in 1958 The Hills on their wedding day in 1958 Herman and Verla Hill of Needmore were honored at a 50th wedding anniversary party at Pleasant Grove Christian Church, Warfordsburg, September 6, 2008. The celebration was hosted by their two sons and daughters-in-law.

Approximately 200 guests attended from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

The Hills were married August 24, 1958, at Jerusalem Christian Church, Warfordsburg, by Rev. Ray Mallow, who also performed the renewal of their vows on September 6, 2008.

Mrs. Hill is the former Verla J. McKee. She is the daughter of Mary J. McKee and the late Clarence J. McKee. She is retired from the United States Postal Service, serving as Needmore postmaster for 42 years.

Mr. Hill is retired from Southern Fulton Elementary School and also as a school bus driver. He is the son of the late Walter and Mamie Hill.

They have two sons and daughters-inlaw: Lt. Col. Curtis and Lauren Hill of Camp Lejuene, N.C., and Chris and Amy Hill of Needmore. They are also the proud grandparents of two granddaughters: Kaylan and Kyla Hill of Needmore.

The Hills in 2008 The Hills in 2008 The following poem was written by Herman for their anniversary: Today we reminisce Of 50 years gone by Looking back it seems that time really does fly It's hard to believe that it's been 52 years plus Since a young lady named Verla Started riding my bus. 1955 we started dating in November That will be a month that I'll always remember We were married on August 24, 1958 With 50 years of marriage, I definitely found a good mate. We travelled to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon That's such a lovely spot for a new bride and groom We had a great time but came back in a rush I had to be home so I could drive the school bus On Timber Ridge I started to build us a house For just the two of us Me and my new spouse Working form early morning until the setting sun With all my other work It took a while to get it done 1968 On October one Verla gave birth to our first son Then in '72, on December 23, Another baby boy's cry could be heard. The house, two boys and the post office to run Verla's work was never done Between driving the bus And working at school It sometimes was hard keeping my cool. Cub dad weekends with Curtis and Chris Those were great times I didn't want to miss We didn't get much sleep But it sure was fun, By the time the weekend was over I was definitely done. Curtis and his wife, Lauren, Chris and his wife, Amy, Granddaughters Kaylan and Kyla That makes up our family Verla loves watching the girls They are such a treasure The joy they bring us both No one could begin to measure Retirement is now Verla and Herman's new "cup of tea" However, they still manage To stay busy as can be Church, Bible Release, gardening, Fishing, hunting or riding a bike They continue to enjoy Doing the many things that they like Life has been good to us Like a honeymoon that didn't end I let God pick my partner And I married my best friend Here's a thought to leave you with It's been the key to our success Lay your burdens at the cross And your sins you must confess When a dad and mom put God first Their home will surely stand Otherwise the foundation they build Will be on shifting sand Take Jesus as your Savior Each and every day To say it plain and simple, "There is no other way"

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