2008-11-13 / Letters

The Noble Experiment Continues

To The Editor:

These are hard times, but let us remember they are nothing compared to the bloody feet, starvation, freezing cold and misery of Valley Forge, the darkness our own Civil War where 700,000 Americans died, the desperate days after Pearl Harbor, and the tragedy of 9/11/2001.

Yet our country has always been blessed with precisely the right leader at the right time. We have made and continue to make great mistakes, and all of us have our own views as to what those are. But, one truth remains - our unique experiment remains noble, and we always come together the most when the times are darkest or there is great need because of a long heritage based on firm moral principles bequeathed to us by all generations that came before.

For this reason, we must pray for our new president and vice president, their advisers and Cabinet, members of Congress and our judicial branch, and individual state and local leadership. They will need to have the wisdom of a Thomas Jefferson and vision of a Martin Luther King Jr.; the compassion and empathy along with the spirit of reconciliation of Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln; and the firm resolve of both Roosevelts and Ronald Reagan.

Let us make every attempt to deal fairly with enemies of our noble experiment both real and perceived, but when the time comes when such fail, help us to know and act with firm resolve, knowing that righteous might does in fact make right. Let us always remember that as Col. Joshua Chamberlain, the hero of Little Round Top, stated we all possess a "divine spark." It is this spark we trust will allow our noble experiment to continue for posterity. As Joe Biden said in the debate with Sarah Palin (possibly the most outstanding yet unrecognized truth of the entire campaign) "The past is prologue." So let our noble past lead to a noble prologue in spite of all too frequent failures both large and small.

Although, like most human beings, we do not deserve the blessings we have been granted, it is hoped they continue to be granted and that we all may recognize that our success is determined by no government of any party but rather by our personal accountability to live an honorable and just life based on a firm grounding of personal integrity, honor and the resolve to do right voluntarily.

Long live our Republic, the United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Let the noble experiment continue. Dennis Moseby Emporia, Kan.

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