2008-11-13 / Letters

Election Moves Country Toward Socialism

To The Editor:

November 4, 2008 (soon under the control of O'Bama, Pelosi and Reid) is the day that America, as we older citizens know it, died. This day we threw away the dreams of our founding fathers' vision of a democratic Republic and voted for socialism. You can rest assured that come January 2009 we will take our first steps to becoming a socialist state. May God have mercy on the United States and our grandchildren. Our days of growth and keeping personal wealth that we earned from our labor are gone. Our hopes of building a future for our grandchildren are gone. We now have the first stages of the fatal disesase of socialism. The sad part is that we did it to ourselves. We have elected to power the elite pro-Marxist that the media and the immoral Hollywood and TV personalities have pushed. I fear we will live to regret our blunder. I fear more that it is too late to rectify. It has already started by the bailout of the large and most powerful banking, insurance and auto industries. It will gain bulk and speed, like a large snowball rolled down a very long slope covered with wet snow. Most of my adult life I feared little. Right now I am saddened and afraid. I think most of us in Fulton County (one of the few areas that had the common sense to vote the way we did) need to do what the man said. Cling to your God and cling to your guns. I will also add, hide your money. You can bet your life that in time they, meaning those to soon be in power, will be trying to control or confinsicate and redistribute what you have worked for all your life. The majority of Fulton County citizens work hard and don't expect the government to pay their way. Be not mistaken though, there are some in our country that have a sense of entitlement and expect the fruits of your labor to pay their way. Fulton countians are kind and generous, sometimes to a fault. I am fairly sure though that we will not stand still and let some outsiders come and take what we have worked for and saved and give it to others because they are less fortunate or were too lazy to better themselves. There are some who have lived off the taxpayer all their life and will embrace socialism and feel that they are owed this free lunch. I am not one of these people and the majority of the people in our county aren't either. What I have put forth is just my opinion. I don't mean to demean or alienate anyone by my words. If I did, there is no apology. This still is America and I have the right to speak my mind freely.

May God bless America! R.L. Mathern Burnt Cabins

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