2008-11-13 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes to Bernie Mc- Math, Jody Newman, Neil Shehan, Bonnie Anderson, Derrick Grissinger, Scott Shehan, Jean Fleck, Bea Covert, Samantha Anderson, Sherry Collins, Danny Fleischer, Tim Henry and Terry Cutshall.

Anniversary wishes to Adam and Shawn Heaster, George and Jody Hann, Kevin and Lynette Fleck, Ken and Jean Brown and Dick and Jessie Rhoades.

Get well wishes to Junior Anderson, Randy Miller, John Horton and Kyle Mitchell.

On November 15, Penn Central Physical Therapy will be celebrating

its 15-year anniversary in the area. John, Carol and Ruth would like to thank all the area clients, physicians and families for their kindness and support.

The election is over and the television commercials have turned to Christmas. During children's church on Sunday, we heard just how much the election affected everyone, even the tiny tots. One little fellow around the age of 2 proceeded to tell us, "We voted for Bama, cause we like him." The little fellow opposite him, nearer the age of 3 said, "No, we voted for Cain, we like him." Even the little folks were caught up in the frenzy, of course that is all we have heard for months.

Buzz and Bea Covert visited with Andy, Tasha, Shaine and Kean Goshorn on Saturday evening.

Visiting in the home of Steve and Karen Grissinger this week were Travis Madden, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Brent Carlson, Mike, Chris and Kevin Pintozzi, Steve and Ben Haines, and Buzz and Bea Covert.

Hustontown Area Volunteer Fire Co. will sponsor shooting matches every Saturday until further notice beginning at 1 p.m.

Thanksgiving Eve services will be held at Immanuel Bible Church.

A belated, special thank-you to all our veterans.

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