2008-11-06 / Local & State

Couple Ties The Knot Over Some Tattoos

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) - Some say it with diamonds. But a Waterbury couple wanted tattooed knuckles to seal their matrimonial bond.

Twenty-four-year-old Tracy Fox and her 22-year-old groom Nick Adams tied the knot in a Waterbury tattoo parlor on Halloween, married by a justice of the peace dressed as a witch. The couple dressed like their favorite characters from the horror flick "The Return of the Living Dead."

As part of the ceremony, Fox and Adams each had a special word tattooed on their knuckles. She chose "werewolf" because she loves werewolf movies and he chose "wormfood" because he says everyone will be worm food someday.

They later exchanged plastic rings _Frankenstein for him and Bride of Frankenstein for her _ and celebrated with a black cat cream wedding cake.

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