2008-11-06 / Letters

Borough Needs Residents To Complete Surveys For Sidewalk Grant Money

To The Editor:

Many residents have received income surveys letters within the past six months from Borough Council in an attempt to secure grant funding from the county of Fulton's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to assist in the replacement of sidewalks in muchneeded areas throughout the borough. In order to determine eligibility for this grant funding, income surveys must be distributed to those residents who have a residence on the streets chosen for sidewalk replacements. Renters are asked to participate in this survey process because the landowner is ultimately responsible for maintaining the sidewalk. Therefore, if the landowner has to endure this expense, this could affect the renters with an increase in the monthly rent rate.

This income survey information will not be viewed by Borough Council but will be sent directly to the CDBG administrator at the county of Fulton, where the surveys will be collected and will be calculated to determine eligibility once the total number of surveys needed is received.

We are looking to target the worst areas within the borough on the first round, which includes the streets listed below. Also listed are the number

of surveys submitted and the number of surveys returned to date. Following are the number of surveys submitted and the number of surveys returned:

Hohman Drive 2 2
North Second St. 11 6
West Walnut St. 15 8
Lincoln Way East 48 32
North Third St. 16 15
East Market St. 17 13
South Second St. 10 10
Lincoln Way West 3 2
North Fourth St. 5 3
East Maple St. 1 1
East Walnut St. 7 4
South Third St. 8 2
Total: 143 98

One hundred percent participation is needed in order to determine eligibility and for the borough to receive grant money for this project.

If you have any questions or need another form, please contact Pat Frazier at 717-485-5355, Travis Bard at 717-485-3071 or the borough council office at 717-485-3690.

We would like to thank those residents who have already participated by returning the income surveys as well as everyone for their cooperation in an effort to help improve your borough. Patsy L. Frazier Borough Council

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