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Wilson College Approves Four New Majors For Spring Semester

The Wilson College Board of Trustees voted Nov. 1 to approve four new majors: equine journalism, environmental sustainability, financial mathematics and sport management.

The new majors, which will be offered for the first time in the spring 2009 semester beginning in January, will be added to Wilson's 24 existing bachelor's degree offerings and mark an important step in the 139-year-old college's history.

The bachelor's in equine journalism will combine instruction in equestrian studies, one of Wilson's most popular majors, with instruction in conventions of journalism, including feature writing and media ethics. Students will be required to complete an internship and upon graduation, will be knowledgeable about equestrian studies and possess a high level of communications skills that will qualify them for any job that requires strong writing, officials said.

Although some other colleges offer equine journalism as a concentration within a major or as a class, Wilson is believed to be the first college in the United States to offer a degree in equine journalism.

Graduates with a degree in equine journalism will have a number of career options, including writing for newspapers and magazines that report on equestrian events and working in public relations and corporate communications for companies in the horse industry.

Another new degree places Wilson in the forefront of U.S. women's colleges - the bachelor's degree in sport management. Few of the nation's women's colleges offer the degree, while overall, more than 200 colleges and universities have a sport management major, according to Wilson Athletic Director Lori Frey.

The degree program will provide professional preparation for jobs in one of the nation's largest industries. It also will prepare students for graduate studies in sport management or athletic administration. Focusing on sport business, the degree includes courses in business, economics, accounting, English and mass communications, as well as sport management related courses in exercise and sport science.

Job opportunities for graduates with a degree in sport management would include positions such as athletic director, sports information director, intramural director, community recreation manager, sales person, media relations director, sports club manager and sports entrepreneurship.

The bachelor's degree in environmental sustainability is being added to majors already available in environmental science. Students will learn to critically analyze and develop solutions to local and global environmental problems. They also will study environmental policy issues and practice community organizing and service learning. An internship will be required.

"The goal of this major is to develop social leaders who are adept in community organizing, service learning, and organization and management," said Dr. Edward Wells, chair of Wilson's Environmental Studies Department.

The environmental sustainability degree will prepare graduates for a variety of careers in an expanding field in which professionals are needed in the areas of pollution prevention, global climate change, biodiversity and ecological restoration, sustainable community planning, environmental justice, ecological literacy, environmental management and sustainable land-use planning, among others.

The new degree dovetails with Wilson's new articulation agreement with Vermont Law School, one of the nation's premier environmental law schools, as well as with Wilson's mission, which includes a commitment to "environmental sustainability and to preparing articulate, ethical leaders who will serve their communities and professions effectively in an increasingly complex, interdependent and global world."

Wilson's new bachelor's degree in financial mathematics will integrate business finance with mathematics, preparing students for careers in banking, investment management, insurance and risk management. In addition, students will be prepared for graduate programs in applied mathematics and finance, as well as for a master's degree in business administration.

For more information, contact the Wilson College Office of Admissions at 800-421-8402 or visit HYPERLINK "http://www.wilson.edu" www.wilson.edu.

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