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Haas Speaks To County GOP

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Vice Chair Joyce Haas speaks at Fulton County's Republican Fall Dinner last Friday night at the Hustontown Firehall. Republican Party of Pennsylvania Vice Chair Joyce Haas speaks at Fulton County's Republican Fall Dinner last Friday night at the Hustontown Firehall. The vice chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania made a special appearance in Hustontown Friday evening to spread the word that even though Pennsylvania has traditionally been a "blue state," local registered voters have the opportunity to support the Sen. John McCain/Gov. Sarah Palin presidential ticket and make a difference in this battleground state.

As guest speaker at the Fulton County Republican fall dinner, Joyce Haas has been a member of the state committee since 1986 and has served as co-chairman of the Central Pennsylvania Caucus dating back to 1990. In addition, she has worked on numerous statewide campaigns for George H.W. Bush, Sen. Rick Santorum, Attorney General Mike Fisher, George W. Bush and Sen. Arlen Specter.

Fresh off the Straight Talk Express bus tour with former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, Haas said the media has been quick to question supporters how the Republican presidential campaign can win. Even though polling numbers in the commonwealth show McCain/Palin are down by double digits to Democratic contenders Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden, Haas stated the party's internal polls paint a much different picture.

According to Haas, internal numbers depict McCain and Palin trailing by a maximum of five points. In detailing the party's findings, Haas concluded the Philadelphia area will be a definite loss for Republicans, who will likely clinch the western, northwestern, northeastern sections of the state and in turn the conservative T of Pennsylvania.

"We're a battleground state," said Haas, who noted Sen. McCain has the experience to lead us on the battlefront. In comparison, Sen. Obama, Haas added, has never been in the position to make an important decision.

"If you like to own your guns, don't believe what you're hearing on ad after ad on the radio that Barack Obama is going to allow you to keep your guns. Trust me, he's already voted against the ammunition for your guns ... It not going to be the same United States of America that you know four years from now, if we allow it to happen that we turn this over to Barack Obama," said Haas.

Haas also touched upon the hot topic of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now that "advocates for lowand moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, voter registration, healthcare, affordable housing and other social issues." As an example, in the city of Philadelphia ACORN has registered 158,000 new Democrat voters since the spring primary. Of those numbers, 27,000 were automatically thrown out due to issues such as voter fraud.

Numerous criminal suits have already been filed against ACORN, said Haas, who also filed a suit on Friday on behalf of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

John H. Eichelberger Jr., state senator of the 30th District, also publicly voiced his support of the Mc- Cain/Palin ticket as did Congressman Bill Shuster. Speaking little of his own upcoming race against Democratic contender Tony Barr, Shuster focused on the tremendous challenges before our country ranging from the war against terrorism and diversifying energy sources to the economy.

The race between McCain and Obama comes down to experience versus inexperience, said Shuster. "You need experience to face these challenges," he concluded. " ... The choice for me is clear. There is no choice ... . If PA goes for McCain, he's going to the Whitehouse."

Though not in attendance, letters were also shared with those in attendance from Attorney General Tom Corbett and Rep. Dick Hess. Local officials and dignitaries on hand included District Attorney Travis Kendall, Prothonotary Patty Suders Fix, Treasurer Monica Seville, auditors Rebecca Kendall and Kimberly Seiders, state committeeperson Stanley Kerlin, county Chairman Mikeal Fix, Jury Commissioner Pete Ford, Deputy Coroner Berley Souders and commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer and Daniel Swain.

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