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Improved "Marketplace For The Mind" Site Focuses On Teachers, Students

The Pennsylvania Web site aimed at helping educators and students explore the world of agriculture has been redesigned, making it easier to for educators to find lessons on and about the state's number-one industry, said Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff last week.

The revamped "Marketplace for the Mind" site has three sections for educators, students and community members, making it easy to find information tailored to specific needs. Teachers can easily access lesson plans and professional-development materials; students can connect with youth organizations or search for agriculturally related scholarships; and community members can access information on how agriculture impacts their neighborhood and local economy.

"Marketplace for the Mind is a unique resource for Pennsylvanians looking to teach or learn more about agriculture," said Wolff. "Easy-tofind educational tools and quality resources help make Marketplace for the Mind a user-friendly source for educators, students and community members who want to deepen their understanding of our state's number-one industry.

"Academic teachers of subjects including English, math, science and social studies can use agriculture as a vehicle for learning," said Wolff. "Incorporating agriculture into the classroom creates an environment for contextual learning, where students can test academic theories using real world applications in a hands-on, interactive way."

Educators will find a wealth of resources, including classroom-ready lesson plans and interactive activities, ranging from pre-elementary to high school, on topics like alternative energy, animal science and nutrition.

A "College and Career Marketplace" links students and teachers to colleges offering agricultural areas of study, online courses, job opportunities and agricultural career spotlights.

Students and teachers may also access more than 100 grant and scholarship opportunities and information about youth organizations.

Marketplace for the Mind offers community members information about agriculture in Pennsylvania, including commodity specific statistics, agricultural organizations and news releases, and education and outreach opportunities.

Guided by Gov. Edward G. Rendell's goal of improving educational outreach, Marketplace for the Mind is a unique educational resource from the departments of Agriculture and Education. For more information on Gov. Rendell's agricultural education initiative, visit www.marketplaceforthemind.com, or contact Jean Lonie at 717-346- 0438 or jlonie@state.pa.us.

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