2008-10-30 / Correspondents' Notes

Buck Valley

The pre-planned emergency parade route on Lincoln Way in Mc- Connellsburg, worked out fine on the morning of the 18th. When an ambulance, followed by family members, navigated west to the emergency room of the new hospital, and while the parade was in progress. The parade viewer and patient, Carolyn Hixon, is making a fine recovery at home after receiving 16 stitches across the knee to close a wound from a fall.

Happy birthday on October 29 to Sandra Garlock, Linda Garber, and Bob Carnell; Herman Hill on the 30th and Sylvia Shives on the 30th.

Don't miss Brett Hill's (Best-Hill Services in Silver Springs, Md.) "Toilet Cycle," scheduled to be in the Hancock Halloween parade Wednesday night, October 29.

A blue, motorized three-wheeler with a toilet in place of a seat, was at this year's Montgomery County Agricultural Fair's Toilet Decorating Contest, which Hill sponsors. The "vehicle" has been featured locally on NBC Channel 4 and was picked up nationally Oct. 9 on NBC's "Today" show.

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