2008-10-30 / Entertainment

Path Valley Ends Season Wingless/Topless

By Rob Keller

With many competitors asking for a wingless show for sprint cars, the management of Path Valley Speedway listened and ran a wingless show for all of their sprint divisions, along with "topless" Late Models and a "Run What You Brung" 4-cylinder race. Heavy rains on Saturday pushed the show back to Sunday afternoon, which changed things from the normally moist/tacky evening surface to the dry/slick daytime surface.

Colby Dice found the surface to his liking as he pulled-off his first career win in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature. Dice led all the way for the win, but he was fending off challenges from Chad Thomas until Thomas spun with only a few laps remaining. Joe Trone took over the runner-up spot and finished there. Angela Caruso, Thomas and Jason Klinger completed the top five.

The Late Model division ran "topless" (without their roofs) for the first time at Path Valley. Tim Fedder and Brad Kling started sideby side on the front row and stayed pretty close to that through the first half of the 20-lap feature. With Fedder running his familiar low line, Kling went high and used the high banking to stay even with Fedder. But just near halfway, Fedder finally cleared Kling and began to slowly pull away until the end of the nonstop event. Bob Dunn finished third, fourth went to Dave Dunkle and fifth to John Favinger.

The 600cc Micro Sprints and the Sidewinders agreed to combine their feature to give the fans a bigger field and a better show. Bill Unglert made a four-hour haul from New Jersey payoff for his first ever win at Path Valley. Unglert stated in victory lane, "I love running the high groove at this track. It is just so much fun." Chad Hough also used the high groove to finish a few car lengths back in second. Jesse Fitz and Keith McIntyre had a spirited battle most of the way as they finished third and fourth, respectively. Patrick Roller rounded out the top five.

Todd Spangler looked like he would win the wingless PA 305 Sprint feature for the second year in a row. But, near halfway, Von McGee began pressuring Spangler for the top spot. For five or six laps they kept swapping the lead back and forth. McGee made several passes, but couldn't keep Spangler behind him. Finally McGee found the right combination and made the winning pass. Spangler held on to second and was followed by "Cowboy" Jim Kennedy, Craig Laudermilch and Mike Freet.

Dave Leidy had a perfect season going at Path Valley in the Mini Stock division. He didn't race every week, but every time he came he won. So when he started on the pole, it didn't look good for the rest of the field.

But Jeremy Ott had other plans. Ott started outside on the front row and immediately used the high groove to jump into the lead. Leidy tried his usual low groove, but after several laps he realized to top was the faster way around. But by that time Ott was too far ahead and he captured the win by about three car lengths. Leidy finished second, well ahead of Randy Wenger, John Rasp and Gary Newell.


270cc Micro Sprint: Colby Dice(17), Joe Trone(45), Angela Caruso(22J), Chad Thomas(33), Jason Klinger(88) DNS: Adam Warner(3), Josh Shettel(5J)

Late Model: Tim Fedder(8), Brad Kling(11), Bob Dunn(34D), Dave Dunkle(1), John Favinger(18), Tim Burkholder(02)

600cc Micro Sprint/Sidewinder: Bill Unglert(33B), Chad Hough(10), Jesse Fitz(4J), Keith McIntyre(19), Patrick Roller(22), Mike Zielonis( 31), Jason Stahl(5J), Ron Lewis(5R), Tyler Brown(37), Jeremy Meh-ring(12J), Rohan Beasley(14)

PA 305 Sprint: Von McGee(1/2), Todd Spangler(33T), Jim Kennedy( 7), Craig Laudermilch(44), Mike Freet(11), Ben Naugle(24/7)

4-Cylinder "Run What You Brung": Jeremy Ott(10), Dave Leidy(21), Randy Wenger(51), John Rasp(11), Gary Newell(01), Jason Ege(7) cision declared feral swine

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