2008-10-23 / Letters

Consider This Question Before Voting

To the editor:

OK, OK. In the current vernacular, let's all just chill for a minute. Presidential campaigns are always charged with a great deal of emotion. How 'bout we just stop, take a breath and make a few cold, unemotional observations and ask ourselves a question.

First: As I said in the "interview" with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, admittedly George Bush has turned out to be an embarrassment to his party, his country and the world. But George Bush is not running for reelection. He's history. His cabinet and advisors are history. His policies are history. And everyone in a potential McCain administration would be painfully and keenly aware of how things ended up in the shape they're in. John McCain is not George Bush!

Second: There is little question that Barrack Obama does indeed lack credible experience. And as noted columnist Thomas Sowell pointed out, he is a candidate "… who cannot cite a single serious accomplishment in his entire career…"

Third: There is also little question that Sen. Obama is determined to gut the Second Amendment. He has no respect for it or the Supreme Court's decision that "to keep and bear" is an individual right. Certainly, we're not all one-issue voters but, let's suppose he is elected and takes a dim view of another law of the land, designed to protect another freedom we enjoy.

Fourth: Obama's background and past associations raise some legitimate questions. His comments about this nation's symbols alone leave room for doubt about his patriotism as well. There are no such questions about McCain.

All that aside - the economy, our dependence on foreign oil, education, healthcare, Roe v. Wade, taxes, capital gains - all of it aside. If we don't consider the answer to the next question very, very carefully, all of it won't amount to passed-gas in a windstorm.

The question is this: Suppose you are a terrorist nation, bitterly determined to destroy the U.S. one way or the other. Who would you rather be up against? Bill Watson Hustontown

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