2008-10-23 / Letters

Thanks Community For Successful CROP Walk

To the Editor,

Despite the fact that the world produces enough food each year to provide a healthy diet to everyone on the planet, over 800 million people go to bed hungry each night. Church World Service uses money raised from CROP walks to fight hunger and poverty all over the world. This organization is working in some 80 countries to provide emergency food aid and long-term development assistance.

On October 5, 40 people participated in the Fulton County CROP Walk held at Cowans Gap State Park. The walkers raised more than $2,500. To help fight hunger locally, Church World Service will donate 25 percent of the money raised through the Fulton County CROP Walk to the Fulton County Food Basket.

I'm very proud of each person who participated in the CROP Walk, and very grateful to the people of this community for their generous donations. Thank you so very much for making this year's CROP Walk a success. Patty Hall Fulton County CROP Walk Coordinator

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