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Path Valley Racers Complete Points Season

In the final points race of the season at Path Valley Speedway Park Andy Fries won going away by a full turn Friday night after early leader Tim Smith dropped out on lap 12.

In sprint car action, Stanley Fleming won his second Path Valley feature in the Sidewinders. Jesse Fitz won by almost half the track in the 600 Sprints with many new racers on hand to preview the track for Saturday's All Sprints Nationals, while Brian Marriott won by a turn in the 270 Sprints.

Race director John Winsett announced that due to driver requests a final event has been added to the Path Valley schedule for Oct. 25 with wingless races for all four classes of sprint cars, including the 305 Sprints and a combined 'Run What You Brung' feature for the Thunder Cars and Mini Stocks and a topless race for the Late Models.

Some tickets are still available at the track for the rewards banquet, which will be Nov. 15 at the Pleasant Hall Firehall. Information on ordering tickets is available at the track Web site at www.pathvalley.com.

Tim Buckwalter led the first two laps in the 600 Sprints and then Jesse Fitz got past to lead the rest of the way. With the only caution in lap six, the race was a fast and furious thriller, with Jim Brookens up from an eighthplace start to challenge for second on lap seven. Fitz, Buckwalter, Brookens, Kevin Steele and Timmie Barrick were the front-five finishers.

From the pole Mike Brindle led all the way to the checkers in the Thunder Cars, weaving through lapped cars after lap eight, but by then he had more than a full-turn lead. Denny Scofield ran second all the way and Terry Smith, Randy Stull and Bill Kennedy made up the balance of the front-five finish order.

Brian Marriott passed polesitter Kurt Conklin on the first lap and led the 270 Sprints all the way, as Sean McAndrew and Ryan McAndrew made their way ahead in the crowd. But even after a lap-15 caution the brothers couldn't catch up to Marriott, and he won by more than a turn. Matt Nulph and Tom Tice won the heat races, and Nulph and Tim Mertz filled out the front five.

Tim Smith roared off on three wheels for the early lead in the Late Models, but on lap 12 he came to a stop on the front stretch and had to be towed off with at least a flat tire. That handed the lead over to Andy Fries, and Fries raced all the way to the finish without a pause to win by more than a full turn. The front five were Fries, Brad Kling, Tim Fedder, Tim Burkholder and Terry Flaherty, and Fedder and Fries won the heats.

Sidewinder heats winner Tim Mertz drew a 10 for the starting inversion and that put Stanley Fleming on the front row for the start. He took the lead on the first lap and never paused as the race ran nonstop to the checkers. At the finish two turns and two lapped cars separated him from Chad Hough in second and the balance of the front five were Ryan Greth, Mike Pychinka, and Tim Mertz. Mertz and Greth won the heat races.

The Mini Stocks also raced without any cautions on the smooth, firm clay, and Tim Burkholder gave up the lead to Gary Newell on the first lap. Newell led by more than half the track at the halfway point and then Ricky Harper come out of his last place start to take over second on lap 11, but by then in lapped car traffic, Newell was too far ahead to catch. Newell, Harper, Burkholder, Gary Dehart and Scott Gordon were the front-five finishers and Burkholder won the single heat race.

Thunder Cars: Mike Brindle, Denny Scofield, Terry Smith, Jeremy Ott, Randy Stull, Andy Stouffer, Josh Walstrum, Mark Grove, Bill Kennedy, Justin Rasp, John Middaugh, Justin Williamson. Heats to Scofield and Brindle.

270 Sprints: Brian Marriott, Sean McAndrew, Ryan McAndrew, Matt Nulph, Tim Mertz, Steve Whary, Kurt Conklin, Tom Tice, Tanner Hunsicker, Zack Fouse, Phil Bessette, Levi Peck, Jason Houtz, Adam Warner, Matt Bower, Chris Kennedy, Jason Klinger, DNS Mike Deimler. Heats to Nulph, Tice.

Late Models: Andy Fries, Brad Kling, Tim Fedder, Tim Burkholder, Terry Flaherty, Ralph Morgan Jr., Randy Burkholder, James Andrew Sr., Elwood Sord, Tim Smith Jr., Dave Dunkle, Randy Scheaffer. Heats to Fedder and Fries.

Sidewinders: Stanley Fleming, Chad Hough, Ryan Greth, Mike Pychinka, Tim Mertz, Gary Funck, Jake Murphy, Jason Morrison, Denny Landvater, Sean McAndrew, Jimmy Puckett, Rohan Beasley, Jared Hudson, Patrick Roller, Brendon Bright, Donnie Hendershot. Heats to Mertz and Greth.

Mini Stock: Gary Newell, Ricky Harper, Tim Burkholder, Gary Dehart, Scott Gordon, Dave Freidrich, Jodie Varner, Ryan Laye. Heat to Burkholder.

600 Sprints: Jesse Fitz, Tim Burkholder, Jimmy Brookens, Kevin Steele, Timmie Barrick, Jake Murphy, Tyler DeVault, Ryan McAndrew, Travis Saner, Isaac Sneeringer, Joe Robertson, Trevin Shank, Keith McIntyre, Nick Saner, Lance Yeager, Brendon Bright, Rodney Glass, Dane Delancey, Tyler Walton, Ryan Wilson. Heats to Delancey, DeVault.

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