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MMS Announces September Students Of The Month

Greggory Swope Greggory Swope Michala Christy, Luke Mellott and Greggory Swope have been selected as the Students of the Month for the month of September.

Greggory Swope is an eighthgrader at Mc- Connellsburg Middle School. Greg is the son of Greg Swope Sr. and Deb Swope. He has four sisters: Heather, Amanda, Angie and Stephanie and one brother, Terry Lanehart. Greg likes to play basketball, baseball and football and also likes to hunt. One of his hobbies is playing the guitar. Greg's favorite subjects include math and history. He was nominated for this honor by his math teacher, Mrs. Marilyn Testerman. She nominated Greg for his excellent behavior, his great attitude and participation in class. Mrs. Testerman wrote, "Greg is sincerely doing his best. He does exactly what he is told and his work shows that he understands what we are working on. I am very proud of his accomplishments, his polite behavior and his goal after he completes school." After high school, Greg would like to attend college or maybe join the U.S. Marine Corps. He was honored to be chosen Student of the Month, having never be selected before.

Luke Mellott Luke Mellott Our sevenhth-grade winner is Luke Mellott. He is the son of Shanda Henry and Kevin Mellott. His stepdad is Mike Henry. Luke has several brothers and sisters: Sydney Mellott, Corey Henry, Quaid Henry, Cheyenne Henry, Wyatt Henry and Zeb Henry. Luke's favorite subjects include math, science and government/ Civics. He is a member of the MMS's SADD club. Luke was nominated by his math teacher, Mrs. Sharon Truax. She recommended Luke for many reasons, including good behavior, attitude, volunteerism, quality schoolwork and participation in class. Mrs. Truax wrote that "Luke is conscientious about his work. His assignments are completed to the best of his ability. Luke is eager to learn and helps others who are having difficulties." In his spare time, Luke enjoys collecting hockey cards and model cars. Luke's most memorable moments have been going to his first hockey game and vacations to North Carolina with his family. In the future, he is interested in becoming a veterinarian or a professional photographer.

The sixth-grade winner for September is Michala Christy. She is the daughter of Paula and John Christy. Michala has one sister, Amber Christy, and two brothers; Caleb and Codey Christy. Her favorite subjects include English and math, and she is involved in the middle school musical and also enjoys volleyball. Michala's activities outside of school include her involvement in her church musical and chorus and Girl Scouts. In her free time, Michala likes to hunt and fish. Michala was nominated for Student of the Month by her English teacher, Mrs. Denise Mellott. She was nominated for her good behavior, attitude, citizenship, participation, volunteerism and homework completion. Mrs. Mellott said, "Michala has a positive attitude and is a good role model for her peers." One day, Michala would like to go to college and study to become a math teacher. This is Michala's sixth straight year of being selected Student of the Month!

Michala Christy Michala Christy

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