2008-10-16 / Local & State

Local Governments Encouraged To Take Advantage Of Roadway Maintenance Training

Municipalities across Pennsylvania are encouraged to take full advantage of the technical transportation expertise, road maintenance training courses and other services offered through PennDOT's local technical assistance program, or LTAP, according to PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E.

"PennDOT has been in the road maintenance business a long time and, because we're a state agency, we often have access to new technologies, methods and procedures that many municipalities do not," Biehler said. "Through LTAP, we're able to share the knowledge gained through years of experience as well as resources garnered from other states - and even other countries with local governments."

Since 1983, the PennDOT LTAP has been providing a knowledge base for local governments. One of the most popular services are training courses that discuss topics that range from winter maintenance, to work zone traffic control, to managing roadside vegetation.

In addition to regularly scheduled courses held around the state, municipalities can also request to have courses taught at their own sites. Local governments requesting their own course must guarantee at least 10 participants from either their own municipality or from surrounding communities.

Most courses offered through the program are free. However, a perperson fee is charged if specialized training materials must be purchased or if equipment or space must be leased.

LTAP also gives local governments free access to engineers and other technical specialists to help troubleshoot specific roadway or highway safety maintenance concerns. Through this service, local governments have access to professionals who will help them solve specific issues that their communities may be struggling with, such as drainage or traffic control.

All courses and other materials offered through LTAP are approved by PennDOT, and courses are taught by knowledgeable and experienced instructors through a contract with the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

LTAP was started in 1982 by the Federal Highway Adminstration to provide local agencies with information and training programs to address the maintenance of local roadways and bridges. Pennsylvania was one of the first 10 LTAP programs to be launched.

To learn more about LTAP, visit www.ltap.state.pa.us or call 1-800- FOR-LTAP (1-800-367-5827). Local government staff can e-mail LTAp at ltap@state.pa.us.

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