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20 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 20, 1988 '88 The 15th annual Fall Folk Festival parade kicked off promptly at 10:30 a.m. last Saturday morning as record crowds lined the streets of

McConnellsburg to watch the antique tractors, cars, floats and local bands.

A state Health Department official has agreed to look more closely into suspicions by a number of area residents that the cancer rate in the village of Burnt Cabins may be significantly higher than average, in hopes of identifying possible causes and taking preventative steps. There is at least one case of cancer in approximately 25 of the 40 households there over the past 30 years or less. The types of cancer involved range from breast to esophagus to stomach along with lung, bone, brain, skin, prostate and other types.

The Democratic Party holds a 217-voter edge for the November election as a record 6,280 county voters have registered to vote in the presidential election.

Specials at the IGA: round cut steak, $1.89 lb.; Ivory liquid dish detergent, $1.79; apples, 88 cents, 3-lb. bag; broccoli, 77 cents a bunch.

Penny Louise Shaw and Kenneth Howard Gordon were united in marriage August 6 at the United Presbyterian Church in McConnellsburg. Parents of the couple are Madeline Shaw and the late Allison Shaw of McConnellsburg and Paul and Audrey Gordon of Narvon, Pa.

Births at the Medical Center: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Lanis Frazier of Chambersburg on October 7; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chafardon of McConnellsburg on October 8; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Andy Snair of Rockhill Furnace on October 12; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Staggs of Hustontown on October 13.

Kevin Ward, Warfordsburg, and Tammy Sigel, Warfordsburg, applied for a marriage license at the local courthouse during the past week.

Deaths: Margaret Knepper, Waterfall; Ruth Deshong, Gettysburg; Esta Emeigh, Hollidaysburg; John Morton, Paoli, Pa.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 12, 1978 '78 Two children died and the mother and father and three other children barely escaped with their lives in an early morning fire which destroyed

their rural home near Harrisonville on Tuesday. The bodies of 8-year-old Dorothy and 9-year-old Terry Myers, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Myers, were found in the rubble of their fire-gutted home from which the rest of the family had managed to escape by jumping from a porch roof on the second story. The fire marshal was called into investigate the blaze, which at first, was thought to have started by a wood-burning stove in the living room area. On further investigation the stove has been eliminated as the cause.

The 25-mile-an-hour speed signs are now posted according to state specifications throughout the borough, and Police Chief Merrill Seville says that the speed laws will be strictly enforced.

Former residents now living in Lancaster County report another earthquake on Friday in that area. The first was reported on July 16 and measured 3.0 on the Richter scale. Friday's measured 3.1 but apparently caused little damage, though it was louder.

A barn on the Don Kerlin property near Knobsville was completely destroyed by fire early Saturday morning. Mc- Connellsburg firemen responded to the alarm but found, on arrival, that the barn, which was filled with hay, was engulfed in flames and beyond control.

Burnt Cabins United Methodist Church was the setting for the marriage of Suzanne Joy Bishop and Ronald George Clark on September 2. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. James Bishop of Lemasters and Mary Clark of Neelyton.

Specials at the IGA: Campbell's chicken noodle soup, 5 cans for $1; Penn Dutch noodles, 2 lbs., $1; Betty Crocker layer cake mix, 58 cents.

John Gracey of Waterfall has all the qualifications for a long-distance runner - he likes to run, he has the enthusiasm and he has the stamina, despite his age. He is 46 years old. On Saturday he ran 26 miles, 385 yards in a race held in Johnstown to see if he could qualify for the biggest of them all, the Boston Marathon, and he made it. He ran the distance in three hours and 20 minutes, 10 minutes less than the time of 3 1/2 hours needed to qualify for the big one in April. He thinks he was the oldest of the 200 who entered the race to successfully qualify.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Barton of Hustontown on October 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. William Sheppard of McConnellsburg on October 4.

Deaths: Mrs. Katherine Kirk Lodge Hulse, McConnellsburg; Mrs. Catherine Selser, Mercersburg; Anthony Lee Sponsler, Harbor City, Calif.; Emmertt Mellott, Smithsburg, Md.; Violet M. Susan Lake, Harrisonville; Mrs. Marie Freshman, Fort Loudon; Brinton D. Laidig, Shippensburg.

David Paul Tebo, Fayetteville, and Carol Ann Morton, Big Cove Tannery, applied for a marriage license last week at the local courthouse.

40 Years Ago

From The Files of October 24, 1968 '68 Betty Lou Spade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Spade, Needmore, and James Fischer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fischer of Crystal Spring, were united

in marriage on September 14 in Ebenezer Methodist Church at Needmore.

Pennsylvania's regular small game season will open on Saturday, October 26, at 9:00 a.m.

Daylight Saving Time will begin at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 27. Clocks should be turned back one hour.

The annual Halloween parade sponsored by Mc- Connellsburg Fire Co. will be held Thursday, October 31, at 8:00 p.m.

National Farm City Week will be observed starting November 22.

Marriage licenses: Ezra Rodger Peck of Needmore and Sarah Darlene Yost of Martinsburg, W.Va.; Harry C. Knepper of Waterfall and Doris Jones of Dudley.

Men in service; Sgt. Clyde L. Barton, son of Ross J. Barton of Crystal Spring, received the Air Force Commendation Medal from Maj. General Curtis, deputy chief of plans, at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois recently. Barton, an administrator supervisor, was decorated for meritorious service while assigned at Bien Hoa Air Base in Vietnam. He is now on duty at Scott with a unit of the Military Airlift Command; Marine Cpl. Roger N. Strait, son of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Strait of McConnellsburg, graduated recently from a noncommissioned officers' leadership school in Vietnam; Army Sgt. Donald L. Strait, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strait of Hustontown, received the Army Commendation Medal on September 6 while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam; Sgt. David Shives Jr., son of David Shives of Mc- Connellsburg, has received the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas.

John P. Martz of Hustontown celebrated his 87th birthday recently.

Specials at the local IGA; pumpkin pies, 33 cents, 12-oz. pkg.; swiss slices, 39 cents; Borden's Cremora, 69 cents; rolls, 12-oz. pkg., 29 cents.

Cpl. and Mrs. Ralph Kell and Mr. and Mrs. Alvey Strait of Needmore have returned form a vacation in Florida.

Chauncey McGarvey, Tom and Bobbie Richards, Robert Weaver and Bob Stanton of Waynesboro are enjoying a hunting vacation in Wyoming and Montana this week.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Clair Marshall Carbuagh, McConnellsburg, on October 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch, Mercersburg, on October 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Souders, Greencastle, on October 16; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Benson, Three Springs, on October 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Black, Waterfall, on October 15; a son to Mr and Mrs. Charles Covalt, Warfordsburg, on October 15; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marlin, Three Springs, on October 16; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Heinbaugh, Mercersburg, on October 20

Deaths: Amy C. Mellott, McConnellsburg; Mildred Shaw, Hustontown.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 23, 1958 '58 Bids for the construction of the new interstate, controlled access highway from the Maryland line to Deneen's Gap are being received by the

Pennsylvania Highway Commission this month, with all bids to be opened and the contract awarded at its November meeting. The estimated cost of the 7.41 miles of road improvement for Fulton County is $6,000,000. Giving credit for the improvement to Rep. M.H. Garlock, Secretary of Highways Lewis M. Stevens, in a letter to Mr. Garlock last week, said: "Your interest and persistence has undoubtedly played a helpful part in advancing this project in our 1958 program."

The Fulton County Council of Church Women will join with church women throughout the country in observing World Community Day on Friday, November 7. The theme for this year's observance will be "Exchange Goods, Ideas, People." Miss Mae Barton, chairman of Christian World Relations of the local council, will head the observance in Fulton County and is urging all women to participate.

Sen. J. Irving Whalley has completed a personal inspection for the five Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnels and said the new and brighter lights, plus brilliant shades of sidewall paint, are a "tremendous improvement in the interests of safety." The senator, who sponsored the enabling legislation last year, believes that, when the job is completed, it will mark the first major improvements to the super highway since it was constructed many years ago.

A two-car accident occurred at Knobsville on Sunday afternoon when Roy Fraker of Burnt Cabins attempted a left turn at Perry Fore's store just as Wendell Henry of Hustontown approached from the opposite direction. Henry received a laceration of the right eye and his son, Ross, 3, who was standing between the seat and dashboard, was injured when his head struck the windshield. Both were admitted to the Medical Center. Fraker suffered shock and other injuries and was still in the hospital on Tuesday.

An examination for a fourth-class postmaster at Amaranth - $2,539 a year - will be open for acceptance of applications until November 12, the U.S. Civil Service Commission announced this week. Applicants must live in the territory served by the office and be at least 18 years of age at the closing date for applications. There is no maximum age limit, but persons over 70 years of age may be considered only for temporary, renewable appointments of one year.

Halloween pranksters in the Hustontown, Burnt Cabins and Fort Littleton areas have been overstepping the bounds of fun and are destroying public and private property, breaking bulbs in streetlights, taking away or destroying service stations property, etc. State police believe the gang numbers about 15 juveniles and have thus far apprehended four.

The church youth of Bethel Township will trick or treat this Halloween season with a somewhat different approach. Each home in the township will be visited and the occupants will be asked to treat with one piece of used clothing for overseas relief.

The Nellie Fox All Stars, who have played baseball against other teams in various counties, won the game with Mc- Connellsburg with its smallest majority - a score of 5-2. Major leaguers playing against the local Lions Club team included Fox of the Chicago White Sox, Elroy Face of the Pirates, Chuck Tanner of the Cubs, Jerry Lynch of the Cincinnati Reds, Gary Willison, a minor league owned by the Cardinals, Paul Smith of the Cubs and Narron of the Pirates, plus Bobby Wise of Chambersburg. Kline and Groat of the Pirates were unable to attend. Holding the major leaguers to five hits were pitchers Watters and Henry. The lone runs scored by the local team were a homer by Paylor and an unearned homer by Deshong. Besides those already mentioned, local players included Harvey, Lister, Ott, Sipes, Washabaugh, Keebaugh, Henry, Runk, Parsons and Hoover.

Four exceptionally large ears of corn, grown by Ned Knepper and son of Waterfall, were brought into the office last week. The ears measured from 11 to 11 1/2 inches in length and the largest one had 1,188 grains. The Kneppers have nine acres of corn.

Local firemen plan a fund drive early in November in an attempt to raise $14,000, the amount needed to complete the purchase of a new fire truck.

Herman Lloyd Hill and Verla Jeanette Mckee were married on August 24.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Audrea Jean Morton to Neill Eugene Miller.

Ralph Fraker was in charge of the service during Laymen's Sunday at Fort Littleton Methodist Church, with the message being presented by Harold C. Welsh, county superintendent of schools.

Two oldsters of the Burnt Cabins area will be having birthdays next week. Mrs. Lou Cornelius will be 88 years of age and H.H. Minnich will be 87.

Thornton Mellott Jr. and family, having sold their home on Pleasant Ridge to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hauman of Timber Ridge, have moved into the Maynard Deshong tenant house at Needmore.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Barbara Jean Layton to Charles A. Manning.

Death: Mrs. Rosena Wible Brown of Orbisonia.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 28, 1948 '48 The new American Legion home here, the former Mason barn, is expected to be ready for occupancy sometime in November.

Alton Ritchey marked his 17th birthday on Friday.

Daniel F. Winter and Joan Mellott were married on October 1.

Ernest Harris Jr. and Faye Gordon are among the many local children confined to their homes with measles.

The farm of Mrs. Mertie Lamberson in Taylor Township was sold last week to Clarence Kesselring.

To date, 1,300 hunting licenses have been sold here.

Deaths: Edison Smith, Russell C. Plessinger of near Needmore.

70 Years Ago

From The Files of October 27, 1938 '38 School directors of Fulton County met at the local school, electing Boyd Fore as president, succeeding Orville Duvall. Homer Lehman was elected

secretary, succeeding H.E. Grissinger. Other offices elected were: Charles Glenn, first vice president; John Knepper, second vice president; D.E. Little, auditor. Charles B. Stevens was named as delegate to the state convention and Earl Truax was chosen to fill the unexpired term of D.E. Crouse on the county board.

Deaths: Mrs. Lettie Foreman of Meredith; Rev. Dr. Thomas Davs Richards of Cumberland.

Mrs. Charles Spangler, Miss Ella Kendall, W.H. Greathead and Rev. William J. Lowe represented Fulton County at the regional meeting of the American Red Cross at Bellefonte on Monday.

An as-yet unconfirmed report is now being circulated that the landing field, located near McConnellsburg, will be removed in about six months.

Arthur Strait and Olive Winegardner were married on October 22.

Mrs. W.H. Selser and Miss Helen I. Ott of town left on Sunday for a two-week trip to Mexico.

Mrs. Scott Gordon of Thompson Township marked her 80th birthday last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Divens have moved from Knobsville to Hustontown.

Mrs. Verna Bergstresser of Waterfall is a patient in the Lancaster Hospital where she underwent a serious operation.

Latest registration figures for Fulton County show that seven districts are Democratic and five Republican. Of the 4,996 voters registered, 2,272 are Republican and 2,684 Democratic.

Miss Kathryn Risehl has been named regional supervisor for Franklin and Fulton counties under the homemaking education program. She will cooperate with teachers and study the needs of local communities in regard to homemaking education.

Last week it was told how two boys were run down and killed near Webster Mills. On Friday the driver of the death car appeared before Judge Sheely and pleaded guilty to two charges of manslaughter and on a charge of failure to stop at the scene. On each of the three charges, he was sentenced to pay a fine of $5 and pay the cost of prosecution and serve not less than 18 months nor more than three years in the Fulton County Jail, each sentence to begin at the expiration of the preceding one.

Orville P. Shaw of Saluvia writes to the "News" about some of the big things being raised in Licking Creek Township. Charles Hockensmith has wheat 72 inches high. Shorty Shaw has timothy with 10-1/2 inch heads. Ulysses G. Hann has the biggest radishes, one being 36-1/4 inches long, 10- 3/4 inches around and weighing 8 1/4 pounds. Even babies are getting bigger, Mr. Shaw says, mentioning a 10-1/2 pound girl born there recently.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 25, 1928 '28 Death: Michael Francis Doyle of McConnellsburg; C.C. Foster of Six Mile Run; George W. Daniels of Winfield, Kan.

Mrs. Munford Wilks of Philadelphia has been called home due to the serious illness of her father, William Laidig of Hustontown.

Ross Barkman, Andrew Sipe and Ted Keller were among the successful turkey hunters in the Hustontown area.

Ross C. Smith and Frieda Lynch were wed October 17.

Postmaster W.H. Greathead arrived home on Wednesday after attending the Spanish-American War Veterans Convention in Havanna, Cuba.

Mr. and Mrs. George Glunt of Knobsville celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on October 14.

A surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Gordon of Needmore on October 10 in honor of Mr. Gordon's 34th birthday.

Hunting licenses now cost $2, raised from $1.25. This increase is to be used exclusively for the acquisition of public hunting lands. The increase, which will amount to about $375,000 annually, has allowed the Game Commission to place 84,497 acres of land under contract for future purchase.

After living in Burnt Cabins for over 40 years, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Baldwin have moved into their newly remodeled house at Fort Littleton.

George S. Cutchall, as a member of the Chambersburg Auto Club, received $60 insurance as the result of an accident he had some time ago when he fell from a motor truck.

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