2008-10-09 / Local & State

Boro Council Grants Parade Permits

Meets with library board members

McConnellsburg Borough Council granted two parade permits, considered a request from two members of the Fulton County Library board and approved an addition to its intergovernmental agreement with the Parks and Recreation Commission during its meeting last Wednesday evening.

Council members approved parade permits for both the Halloween parade on Thursday, October 30, at 7:00 p.m. and for the Fulton Fall Folk Festival parade scheduled for October 18 at 10:30 a.m. The parade permit was granted, but council members noted that Police Chief Gary Long had not yet given his approval for the Folk Festival parade. Council requires that parade sponsors obtain approval from Chief Long with regard to the logistics of traffic control and safety. Councilman Lee Rager reported that those logistics can likely be worked out because he has about 25 fire police coming to assist the local fire police with traffic control and parade routing.

The council members met with Lee Musselman and Ray Messick, members of the library board. The two board members gave a brief update on their expansion project at the library and asked that council consider returning the nearly $2,000 building permit fee due to the fact that the library is a nonprofit organization.

Following the meeting with Musselman and Messick, council discussed returning the fee, but noted that it has always charged non-profits for the permits and to change that would set a precedent for future applications. Instead of returning the fee, council agreed to increase its yearly donation to the library in the 2009 budget from $200 to $1,000 so that library can eventually recoup the permit money.

Musselman, who is chairman of the library board, noted that the library received a $500,000 Keystone matching grant to assist with renovations and expansion to include a quiet place for research work and to increase "stack" room for books.

Council also approved an amendment to its intergovernmental agreement with the Parks and Recreation Commission allowing for a ninth member to join the commission. The newest member is Licking Creek Township, which joins Todd, Ayr and Dublin townships, the borough of McConnellsburg and the Central Fulton, Southern Fulton and Forbes Road school districts in the commission. Each municipality participating agrees to pay a minimum of 25 cents per capita of the population in their municipality as a membership fee.

Other business

During other business, members asked Jack Fields, borough secretary, to research the cost of placing an additional streetlight near the corner of Fifth and Market streets in response to a citizen request made last month. Fields was also instructed to obtain poles and signs for the crosswalk to be painted in the square across North Second Street at the town square. Fields was also authorized to have the holes drilled for the poles.

Council also approved a subdivision variance for a Market Street resident, noting that the proper setbacks were in place and the request asked just to subdivide one deeded property into four separate properties.

Also during other business, Councilwoman Pat Frazier gave an update on the most recent round of curb cuts to make borough streets compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Frazier said an additional 14 cuts will be made in the final round using Community Block Grant Development (CDBG) funds.

Regular business

During regular business, council approved September bills in the amount of $19,413.42, including the $827 cost of spring cleanup day. Checks were written for $19,189.59, leaving an October 1 balance of $47,055.07.

Council members present included Rick Buterbaugh, Travis Bard, Mack Shaffer, Mike Chilcote, Lee Rager, Pat Frazier and Jim Smith. Borough Council meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting is scheduled for November 5, at which time council will consider the proposed 2009 budget.

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