2008-10-09 / Letters

Obama Supporter's Opinions Are Biased, Inaccurate

To the Editor

Last week Mr. Kligerman told us that we should "take a look at the real issues this election." He went on to state that certain attacks on Barack Obama are outright lies. He claims that one of the lies was the fact that (while an Illinois state senator) Obama supported sex education for very young children.

It's obvious that Kligerman relies upon main-stream media sources for his biased and inaccurate opinions. It's an easily verifiable fact that Obama did support and vote for a SB0099. This bill can be accessed and reviewed online; I suggest Mr. Kligerman read it. The bill clearly states that it applies to children in grades K through 12. The last time I checked, kindergarten classes are composed of very young children.

Readers may access the bill at the following Web site:

http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ful ltext.asp?DocName=&Session- Id=3&GA=93&DocTypeId=SB&D ocNum=99&GAID=3&LegID=734 &SpecSess=&Session

An excellent article about this issue, written by Byron York, can be found at:

http://article.nationalreview.com/ ?q=NzI3ZDUzOTE0ZThlMTU3MT Y0MDI4ZTY0MTZhY2I2MGY=&w =MA==

So, when you brand the truth a lie, what does that make you?

I happen to agree with Mr. Kligerman about focusing on real issues. Here's one: Your candidate supports partial birth abortion and infanticide. We don't need to know what's in Obama's heart, just check his voting record. Jerry Land Fort Littleton

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