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Post-Gazette Article Disappoints

To the Editor:

Daniel Malloy from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently wrote an article about the political climate of Fulton County, the most Republican county in Pennsylvania.

It was disappointing to realize he chose to feature the most extreme viewpoints he came across. Racism and intolerance are sadly a part of any community in America. However, by not including opinions from the great number of caring, openminded individuals in our community, he chose to let the extremes define Fulton County.

We held debate-watch events at Dott Store for the first two debates of this election and will again host a debate watch on Wednesday, October 15, open to all who choose to attend. The goal of our debate-watch events was to encourage our community to come together for an enjoyable evening, get involved in the process and hopefully motivate everyone to vote no matter how they choose to vote.

I phoned Daniel Malloy and told him of my disappointment with the article and that I felt he chose to be sensational and foster the divided, "us vs. them" mentality that politicians are so eager to promote. It is a calculated tool of class warfare to create and promote a division among people which acts as a distraction that enables those with power and money to further their own interests while we, the people, fight against each other.

We have much more in common with each other than we do with either of the major party candidates. We need to focus on our similarities, and find common ground ... this is what we are trying to encourage at Dott Store.

Our debate-watch events were wonderful, enjoyable evenings where members of our community: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, men, women, white, black, young and old sat down together, talked, laughed and shared coffee and dessert. Those who criticize us for hosting these events and presenting factual information about all decisions on the November ballot did not attend either debate watch, but are welcome to join us Wednesday, October 15.

"The best political community is formed by citizens of the middle

class." Aristotle

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is

the only thing that ever has." Margaret


Glenn Hiller Dott Store

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