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Countians' Racism Stunning In 21st Century

Editor's note: The article Mr.

Harsch refers to, "McCain strong in

border county," was published in

the Sunday, Oct. 5, edition of the

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. According

to reporter Daniel Malloy , who

wrote the story , the Post-Gazette

was interested in finding out

whether or not Fulton County's support

for President Bush was still as

strong as it was in the 2004 election

when 76 percent of voters here voted

in Bush's favor - the strongest county

showing for Bush in the state.

The paper also wanted to know how

voters felt about Re publican presidential

nominee Sen. John McCain.

Malloy told the "News" he spent two

days last week interviewing more

than 30 people in Dott, Mc-

Connellsburg, Harrisonville and

Hustontown. Interest ed readers

can find the Post-Gazette story by

logging onto search.postgazette.


To The Editor,

An article in the Sunday Pittsburgh Post-Gazette contained quotes from people in that area of the state, Glenn Hiller and his Dott Store. As a nonpartisan 65-year-old "white" man, I was stunned that a majority of the people in that area of my state have yet to enter the 21st century.

Charles Sipes (68), "Obama's got two strikes on him before he even gets to the plate: 1. He's black. 2. He's a Muslim ... This country was based on white people, not blacks. Blacks belong underneath, not on top."

Don Peck (68) about Obama: "He's got a little bit of foreign in him."

Bill Watson (61): "I think Obama is a phony and a snake oil salesman."

Their miscomprehension and resulting ignorance are also reflected regarding "gun control," "capital gains taxes," and the different positions of Obama versus McCain.

Voting for an old blue-blood like John McCain, who was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth, instead of for a young, red-blooded American who worked to get where he is - and happens to be biracial, indicates that a majority of the voters in that area of my state either make $300,000 or more a year, or they are part of the dwindling number of racists left in the 21st century, or ... they are simply part of the "moron factor" the Republicans seem to tap into each election year. Joe Harsch Pittsburgh

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