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Forbes Road Bus Contractors Plead With Board For Fuel Assistance

New coaches hired
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

After making several appearances before the Forbes Road School Board in preparation for the start of the 2008-09 school year, bus contractors Rick and Anita Bolinger returned to the board yet again Monday night to enter an additional plea for fuel assistance.

In speaking at the October 6 board meeting, Rick Bolinger kicked off his brief request for help by noting, "I think you guys know why we're here again ... I don't know what to say anymore. I'm hoping we can get some type of adjustability built into our contracts ... "

Bolinger noted that it's easy for area contractors to talk among themselves but not show up to a formal meeting to address the issue at hand. Furthermore, Bolinger added he felt like he was running out of things to tell the board and equated his multiple appearances before the board to "beating a dead horse."

Bolinger, who did not receive any type of response from the board or administration about a fuel adjustment clause, reminded those on hand that driving a school bus is their family business and therefore business decisions will have to be made accordingly.

Board members Kirby Shoemaker and Karen Peffer were unable to attend Monday's meeting.

In other transportation-related matters, a list of transportation contractors, drivers and rates were approved as presented for the current school year. The list, however, is subject to completion of corrected bus rosters/mileage forms and requires additional approval from the district's Transportation Committee.

Driver Dulce Hall was granted permission to add Sherri Hoover to her list of backup drivers pending the receipt of fingerprint confirmation. An additional request by Hall to purchase a spare backup van was not addressed by the board. Personnel

Following the completion of three years of satisfactory service, elementary teacher Carrie Gingerich was granted tenure.

Nancy Seville was added to the custodial substitute list pending the completion and submittal of clearances.

Kindergarten teacher Jill Yablonski was approved to undergo medical leave as requested.

Pending the approval of necessary paperwork and clearances, the following individuals were added to the professional substitute list: Linda Banks, Christy Boehme, Bruce Carriker, Deborah Cooper, Jolinda Harkless, John Henry Sr., Deb Remeikas, Rachelle Rowles, Cheryl Stearn and Frank Stearn.

Deb Remeikas was also granted authorization to work as a student teacher with high school teacher Lynette Beegle during the second semester in January 2009.

Following the recommendation of athletic director Brown Cutchall, Randy Gelvin was hired as the junior varsity boys basketball coach. In addition, Helen Lutz will serve as the varsity cheerleading coach, and Samantha Conner will be an assistant junior high girls basketball coach. In addition, Mark Schilajew agreed to serve as volunteer girls elementary basketball coach. Building and grounds

The Fulton County Parks and Recreation Commission will be holding a five-day art camp between June 22-26, 2009 in the district art room. Any children falling between grades three and 12 will be eligible to participate in the event, which will focus on weaving and pottery. As a follow-up to the event, an art exhibit displaying the area children's work will be held for the general public on July 2, 2009, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. A keynote speaker may be obtained for the art show, but final approval on the speaker will be given the administration and board. Curriculum

Fourth-grade students are slated to visit various historical sites in the school district in May 2009. Retired teacher Delbert Ritchey is scheduled to lead the tour.

Homebound instruction was approved for an elementary student.

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